Sep 252014

After a lengthy hiatus, Liquorature is back.  Though not as you may have known it.

Earlier this year Liquorature fell from its lofty perch as the last outreach of civilized modern man. For five (mostly) glorious years it had stood as a bastian of hope and intellectual respite in a world sadly riddled with reality TV, socialite headlines and video games displacing books as the preferred medium of escapism. Something had happened. The spark had very nearly died. The lamp had dimmed.


Rather than see this beloved outpost fall into ruin, we pulled closed the doors and shuttered the windows.

It leaves a hole in your life though.  Once you’ve become accustomed to the ritual of the monthly gathering, the anticipation of a good read, the salivation for new drams and the hope of an inspired conversation, well…it’s hard to simply let it rot on the vine.  Some things inevitably needed to change, though, in order to make it work again.

Now…many moons later, that guttering spark has been brought back to life.  In a way, this is a Frankenstein moment of sorts for Liquorature.  The make-up of the club has changed.  The overall direction has slightly shifted.  Perhaps a few formalities will morph into something more or less than they were previously.  Either way…we’re back.

A mate of mine – a filthy, devious, Irish mate of mine – got hold of me a few months back regarding Stephen King’s magnum opus ‘The Dark Tower’.  We had discussed the merits of this series when we gathered for the ‘Cell’ event a couple years ago.  Apparently the recommendation did not go unheeded.  As my hobo pal drew towards the end of this monstrous yarn, he called me and said that this was one that needed to be discussed.  A timeframe was soon agreed upon, and a few of us more masochistic souls began laboriously plodding through the seven canonical volumes, plus the apocryphal add-ons.  Finally, a month or so ago (August 8th, actually), we gathered and talked the shit outta this one over many a dram.  It turned out to be a great night that effectively became the launching point for this new iteration of Liquorature.

Prior to our untimely (though temporary) demise, there had been a couple of books lined up that we never got ’round to.  I guess only time will tell whether or not we ever come back to those tales.  Instead, we have moved forward with a new collective, a new rotation, new selections and a new outlook.  The coming months will bring the following:

“Star Maker” (Olaf Stapledon)
“The Stars My Destination” (Alfred Bester)
“The Old Man And The Sea” (Ernest Hemingway)
“A Christmas Carol” (Charles Dickens)

…and after that, leading off 2015, who know?

Feel free to pour yourself a drink and read along from your distant vantages and partake vicariously here via comments.

Keep watch for many updates to the site.  She’s a little rusty, but we’ll pretty ‘er up.

In the meantime…I look forward to sharing the journey.


‘Keep your lamp trimmed and burning, for this old world is almost gone’

– C

Mar 032014

This site is so unbelievably delinquent that I almost don’t know where to start.  Let’s see if we can’t get y’all caught up a little…

Looking back at past posts, I see the last event notes I shared were from Bulgakov’s “The Master And Margarita”.  While I will one day get back to writing up all of the gatherings that followed that one, for now let’s settle for just a quick rundown of what the Liquorature crew have been wending their way through over the past year and a bit.  Some neat selections to be sure.  The lads have some to the table with some very diverse selections.

After the aforementioned bit of classic Russian lit, our selections fell out as follows:

“Back To Blood” (Tom Wolfe)
“A Fine Balance” (Rohinton Mistry)
“Lamb: The Gospel According To Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal” (Christopher Moore)
“Moby Dick” (Herman Melville)
“Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn” (Mark Twain)
“Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep” (Philip K. Dick)
“The Year Of The Flood” (Margaret Atwood)
“Silence” (Shusaku Endo)
“The Outsider” (Albert Camus)
“Half Blood Blues” (Esi Edugyan)
“Fahrenheit 451” (Ray Bradbury)
“The Fountainhead” (Ayn Rand)
“Slaughterhouse Five” (Kurt Vonnegut)
“Shalimar The Clown” (Salman Rushdie)

…and finally…this past month…


We took the long journey from the depths of a prison cell in the Chateau D’If to sailing off into redemption with Edmond Dantes in Alexandre Dumas’s “The Count Of Monte Cristo”.

It’s almost embarrassing to admit that this was the first time I’ve ever read this veritable classic.  Man, what a tale!  I sincerely regret not having picked this up at some point in earlier years.  I was remiss.  Seeing as this novel is an absolute brick of a work in it’s unabridged edition, Jay offered everyone the choice of reading the novel as Dumas originally intended or in its more contemporary abridged incarnation.  The group was split about half and half as to which edition they chose, but those who went abridged learned a hard lesson in not taking shortcuts, as the abridged was a trainwreck of hacking and slashing.  The story was nearly unrecognizable from that which the rest of us read.

For any out there debating the choice between versions…unabridged.  Please.

Coming up we have a few more nifty ones.  As we speak I’m a couple dozen pages into Lorenzo’s March selection, “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” by one of our past favorite authors, Haruki Murakami.  (You may recall we were all quite wow’d by Murakami’s “1Q84” a couple years back)

Following Murakami, we set to dive headlong into the following:

“Cutting For Stone” (Abraham Verghese)
“The Old Man And The Sea” (Ernest Hemingway)
“‘Salem’s Lot” (Stephen King)
“Hamlet” (William Shakespeare)

I promise you I’ll keep you better informed going forward.

In other chat…watch for some updates regarding club membership and what’s been going on here in Calgary.  The group has seen some big changes over the past while.  I’ll fill you in on who’s in and who’s out.

Some nifty news about a writer friend of ours as well.  I want to point you in the direction of his books.  More to come soon.

Until next update (very soon, friends)…




– Curt


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Mar 312013

untitled (2)

Much ado in the world of Liquorature.

First things first…time to get back to the banter and friendly chatter that made us who we are.  A sort of shift back into first gear.  And with this retroaction, let’s adopt a somewhat classier face to the site.  Voila!  Whatcha think?

A few big changes to speak to…

  • The newer members
  • Some of the older vanguard moving on
  • Lance’s new site
  • The direction for Liquorature


A couple months back the Liquorature family welcomed a couple of new gentlemen into our esteemed ranks.  Lorenzo, a friend of Chris, who had once sat in as a guest for an evening wherein we tackled Haruki Murakami’s masterpiece 1Q84.  He was an immediate hit and a shoe-in for a spot.  The other is a gent both Lance and I knew.   Goes by the handle of Stuart.  This lad brings personality in spades and humor by the bucket.

This opening to new members is a rare occurance, and really only ever happens as a result of the loss of other members.   In this go-round we expanded beyond what we were used to (up to nine gents now) in what I hoped was a reinvigoration through fresh blood.  Things have indeed felt more vibrant of late, even if there have been a couple of book selections that have been sort of…ummm…asskickers.  Kudos to the old school and our new fellow alco-literates.  The Collective is strong and looking to many more years of both exercising and drowning our brain cells.

It’s with a somewhat heavy heart I have to share that Pat has opted to step out.  Though we’ll still see much of him, the reading is starting to weary his soul.  Time to move on when it gets to the point of ‘no fun’.  As I said…it’s not like he’s disappearing.  Pat will continue on as a member in one of my new projects, a Single Malt Scotch Whisky club here in Calgary, The Dram Initiative.  Regarding Liquorature however…it’s no small secret that he’ll be missed. Interestingly enough…we are down to two lifers in this club now; Lance and myself.  Though Bauer was with us for our founding, he later ended up taking a year long sabbatical in balmy Saskatchewan.  Now back in our clutches…hopefully he is here to stay.  Scott is another who arrived late, but looks to be one of the grumpy old men now, growing longer in the tooth and wiser by the day.  At least this is what we tell ourselves.



Beyond we four…Jay and Chris came aboard a couple years back now and seem to fit like a glove.  And of course…the two noobs mentioned above.  All told…a good crew.  The amorphous nature is somewhat surprising though, I must admit.

Ruminsky (Lance) has finally taken the plunge and launched his own site, as you likely saw in the previous post.  It will be his e-home where long pours of rum go to die.  A place to visit for detailed thoughts and reviews on all the vast stores of rums he manages to source.  Oh yeah…I hear the guy can write too.  Pop on by and have a read.  Good stuff.

I think I will likely follow his lead and post just the links here on Liquorature to all notes and whisky reviews I cobble together on my other vanity project site, All Things Whisky.  What will that mean for this site?  Well…changes to be sure, but nothing really new.

It will likely move back towards what it was before; conversations about books, movies, music, the arts, cigars, chitchat, whatever.  The art of being the intellectual masculine type.  Or something.  A little less likka-focused perhaps.  This website should be a place to feel at home with a dram and a copy of Moby Dick in hand.

Speaking of…

I did indeed just hoist that Leviathan on the lads, who managed to pull through with flying colors.  It was a helluva read, even for someone like myself with an appetite for such masochism and having already read it once before.  This intellectual weight-lifting is the very reason this club exists though, right?

Unlike Ahab though…Liquorature bested Melville’s White Whale, and now look forward to the next great challenge.  The boys have stepped up accordingly.

Moby-DickComing days will see us tackling:

Albert Camus (“The Stranger” or “The Outsider”), Philip K. Dick (“Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep”), Margaret Atwood (“Year Of The Flood”), Mark Twain (“Huck Finn”), Shusaku Endo (“Silence”) and more.  Depth and breadth, folks…depth and breadth.

Much more to come.

To those who have come along for the ride so far…come a little further.  To those just grabbing a seat…buckle up.



Cheers from your mates at Liquorature,

Curt, Lance, Jay, Scott, Chris, Stuart, Lorenzo, Bauer.



– Curt

– Photos:  Curt



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Dec 312012

2012 is drawing to a close, and many sites are beginning their top-however-many lists. The Hippie has drawn up a list of his favourite drams of the year on ATW, the Rum Howler has got his lists of top rums and whiskies he’s tried, film critics will put out their top ten lists as usual, and here I’ll join in and review how the year went from Liquorature’s perspective, including – of course! – my own discoveries of the year and my own take as a reviewer of rums.

The Club


Liquorature, sadly, lost two of its original members, the erstwhile and aged “Mr. A-is-A” and the incisive and polemic Clint, who both took stock of their lives and made the tough call that they simply weren’t able to contribute or involve themselves as much as they would have liked, and withdrew. Coming at a time when the Benevolent-Dictator-for-Life-cum-Hippie was beginning to get antsy about the relaxed attitude of the crew becoming too prevalent, we made some organizational changes and issued Golden Tickets to two new members – Lorenzo “Il Magnifico” Lecce who had so impressed us with his solo contribution to the “1Q84” discussion (as well as his never-to-be-forgotten late-evening intoxicated kip on the washing machine), and Stuart Hunter, the curmudgeonly, avuncular elder statesman of music who has the aged-rock-god-turned-to-seed demeanour (I mean that in a a good way) which we felt would add an interesting perspective to our literary perambulations.

The Club continues to evolve. Guests remained a regular, if not consistent, fixture, with my friend Tolik, Maltmonster and Il Magnifico being pleasant additions to the mix. This year we settled down and issued formal ukases on the timing, food and drinks each person was, at a minimum, obligated to provide for the cash donated: for drinks, no cheap crap, one unopened rum and one unopened whisky (plus whatever heels the host deems appropriate), and no big splash on the food over and beyond making sure everyone has something to nibble on that doesn’t run out. To some extent, I was given a pass because in my case there’s always a full dinner spread and always more rums than whiskies (take that, maltsters)…though I’ll be the first to concede the sheer originality of others like the Ginger Buddha and Clint, who always have a theme to the evening that is unique and fun to deal with, like the Zombie Shootout for “Cell” and the Godfather restaurant recreation scene we had had before.

Curt continues to do the write ups on the Liquorature get togethers – perhaps because, as of this writing, he’s the only one to actually have attended all of them – as well as pursuing his misguided love of whiskies both here and on ATW, our more focussed sister site. With some exceptions, and quite a bit of backlog, I’ve taken on the not-so-onerous task of writing all the book reviews and, of course, spoken to the rums at some length. To my surprise, the three most hit upon pages on Liquorature are the old Glenfiddich 12 review, the Tanduay 12, and … Tintin in Tibet, a loving and nostalgic review I put up in a passing moment.


The selection of our literature picks this year was impressive and illustrates some of the breadth of what we have managed to dissect. Granted, not all of them are world beaters – we do, however, believe that pulp fiction and fruity best-sellers can absolutely mix it up with the Booker prize contenders.  I haven’t written all the book summaries and reviews yet (more shame to me), but eventually they’ll all be on the site.


For what it’s worth (and fellow members, feel free to weigh in) my own overwhelming favourite this year was Pat’s October selection of “Mercy Among the Children”, a deep, dark, rich, atmospheric tale of family, hypocrisy, revenge, misunderstanding, love and loss that moved me as few books ever have. A close second was, without a doubt, “1Q84”, surely one of the most peculiar books I’ve ever read, one that I should have put down in a heartbeat…and yet could not.

“Ways of Sunlight” was our first collection of short stories and one of the sparser-than-usual attendances, but a good night for all that….I seem to recall we tried some fourteen rums that night. “Cell” marked a return of Stephen King to the lineup, and I was really happy to see “Pillars” make an appearance, since (all false modesty aside), I introduced Curt to this years ago, he to all his friends, and it has become a favourite ever since.

Classics look ready to make a strong showing in the new year, with “Moby Dick” and “Huckleberry Finn” already in the pipeline, so 2013 seems set to be a fascinating year from the perspective of literature. It’s hard to comprehend that we’ve been at this for nearly fifty cycles already, and we remain committed and interested and seek to outdo each previous evening with a better one (how we will ever top the Godfather Easter egg is beyond me).


The primus inter pares of all my varied interests. During 2012 I gamely struggled to hold my own in the face of the irredeemably stubborn obstinacy of my fellow Liquorites who insist on giving pride of place to the obscure Scottish drink. Added to that was my day job, my family, photography and other priorities, which led to 2012 seeing less than fifty new rum reviews. Aside from the division of my available time, part of the problem is undoubtedly my writing style, which tends to the lengthy and relates to my desire to tell as complete a story about each rum as I can, adding to that whatever ruminations (no pun intended) cross my mind as I write, and making each more an essay than a review…hopefully a unique one. This is a style that takes real effort and thought and time, and works for me both as a writer and a reviewer; but is, alas, too long for some (most, I would gather), with all the attendant disinterest it creates in people who prefer a McNugget-level synopsis as they stand, i-phone in hand, at a liquor store somewhere wondering what to buy. The important thing is that I enjoy it and it holds my interest – a more abbreviated style would be easier, I could churn out more reviews…but not nearly as much fun.

My tastes have gradually changed (I hesitate to say “improved”) to appreciate higher proof rums — I’m coming to the stated opinion that 40% is a really pronounced limiting factor for top quality rums of any kind. The Panamonte XXV, the Plantation XO 20th Anniversary and many others, would have benefited greatly from having the extra oomph of a few additional proof points.  Of course, the two rums that took this to ridiculous extremes were the beefcake SMWS Longpond 81.2% and the Stroh 80 both of which I sneakily kinda enjoyed in spite of their rage.

Another point of development for me is that I have quietly dispensed with three almost unconsciously held assumptions I realized I was harbouring: (a) that older rums are always better than younger ones (they often are, but not every time); (b) younger rums or cheap blends are only for mixing (often true, but certainly not every time) and (c) expensive is equivalent to quality (it often is, but, nope, not always). As I taste more and more rums and go back and forth between the earlier rums and the later ones and cross taste them in my spare time, I appreciate the subtleties that in many cases I missed the first time around, and learn to admire the artistry some makers bring to even their youngest creation. In order to chart my development, I leave my scores the way they were when I wrote them, but  I’m thinking of doing a”revisit reviews” of the older ones from 2009/10 which were shorter and not as intense as later work. As a point of interest, I review every rum neat – whether it makes a good cocktail or not is not part of my review process, though I usually mix myself one to test stuff I don’t like, on the assumption that it might fail as a sipping spirit, but not necessarily as a cocktail.

I’m also learning to appreciate the lighter bodies and complex profiles of agricoles and French-island rums more than when I started, and my discovery this year was undoubtedly the Courcelles 1972 58% which the co-manager of the Rum Depot in Berlin trotted out from his private stash and allowed me to share. I still hate the scoring mechanism, which for me results in rums scoring mostly between fifty and seventy, and I dread coming up with something new and having to go back over a hundred rums and recalibrating. However, at least it’s consistent. But readers should always be warned that it’s the words that tell the tale, not the score.  Oh yeah, I dropped the chart of the rum profiles…it was useful for a while, but didn’t see it adding any real value so I just shrugged and did away with it.

Kensington Wine Market in Calgary continues to hold two Rum tastings a year, which I faithfully attend and write about in a probably futile effort to raise the profile of the spirit in my obstinately whisky-loving area. A high point for me this year was undoubtedly the cracking of the 58 Year Old Longpond, which snarkily showed the Appleton 50 the door (the latter will be on show for the February 8th 2013 Tasting at KWM). Andrew, the co-owner, maintains his generous habit of alerting me to new and interesting rums coming through the door, even if I can’t afford them all. And though I am aware that in his eyes rum simply doesn’t class with whisky (hence his online moniker which I continually gripe about), he treats me with the courtesy due any autistic, rum-loving mutt who may growl at any moment.

The rums tasted that stood out this year (equivalent to ATW’s “Drams of the Year” post)

What is evident from this brief listing is that I’m deliberately moving away from the “one size fits all” commercial rums that we can find almost anywhere, towards costlier, rarer, more unique rums that are edging me to an average price of close to a hundred bucks per bottle (yes, with very rare exceptions and to the horror of my wife, I buy everything I review – the exceptions are my friends’ samples which *they* buy). My choices are becoming more finicky, and I seek out older and obscure offerings for the same reason I write the way I do…because it’s more interesting that way, and because there are enough reviews of the commonly available rums out there (does anyone really need me to put up a tenth review of the Mount Gay XO except as a site-hits driver?). This is not to say I don’t look at, say, a Myer’s Planter’s Punch…I just don’t do it as often (though I always will), or as assiduously – it would undoubtedly be cheaper, though, wouldn’t it? To my mind, a person who likes Old Sam’s won’t care in the slightest what I write about it (if he even looks for a review), but anyone seeking to check out the Rum Nation Jamaica 25 Year old probably will, before he drops close to two hundred bucks on it.


Summing up, it’s been a slower than expected year for reviews, but both the Hippie with his 2013 Islay tour and myself with the trip to Germany, made discoveries beyond price. The Liquorature meetings are fixtures and high points of our gentlemanly social lives, and look to continue far into the future. And as we bring 2012 to a close, I must say that 2013 promises to be a year full of new books, new spirits, new friends and more rambunctious get-togethers than ever before.

All the very best to all of you who have had the patience to read this far, and have a great New Year.


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Mar 112012

Greetings, bookworms & spirit connoisseurs!


Just a ‘heads up’ for those that frequent this little vanity project we run here.

Liquorature (the site, not the crew) will be going through a bit of a metamorphosis in the coming days.  Forgive the (possibly) painful transition, as we correct the course a little.  When I set up this site (and sister site All Things Whisky), I made a few rookie mistakes.  Big ‘uns, at that.

Comments below this this initial post will help outline what we are doing as we do it.  As a starter, expect to see the layout change a little, some older content bubble up again and begin circulating through the main page and a few updates where info may be sadly out of date.  Chances are good we’ll find a dead link or two as well.

Suggestions are welcome, of course.  Whether they are implemented…well…we’ll see.

More to come, as we emerge from our cocoon…



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Oct 262010

So…as mentioned in a previous post, our esteemed colleague and resident clown, Bauer has relocated as of just recently.  I think I had (and have) a tougher time with this than the rest, as Bauer is a brother to me.  In all ways but blood.  He is ‘Uncle Boo’ to my girls; we’ve lived together; played on stage together; been in clubs and pools and Liquorature together; we’ve road-tripped and drank; seen concerts and hockey games; and generally just clicked from early on.

Not only will Bauer always be a part of my life (and my family’s), he will always be a part of Liquorature.  I hope he continues to post here frequently, read our books and comment on the respect pages here on the site.  He also has an open invite to any gathering he is in town for.  Kinda like our honorary member.

Cheers to ya, Boo.

Having said all of that…

Liquorature became smaller.  Something we didn’t want.  We tossed names around, spoke to potential candidates and narrowed the field down to just a couple of truly engaging individuals whom we thought would, on the one hand fit the Liquorature mold…and on the other hand, smash that mold to bits.  We weren’t looking to find a replacement (Bauer is not replaceable, as all here will attest).  We were looking to bring in someone new to add to our conversations and be one more voice of dissent (cause that’s what this is really about , isn’t it?).

Two candidates ended up being the last standing.  Both wanted to be involved.  Both could being something new.  Both had more than one person in their corner nominating them as potentially a great member.  In the end, after much deliberation, and bending our own rules about the number of members…

We welcome Chris Graham and Jay Roberts into the fold.

Chris, you’ll remember, has sat in with our group for the ‘Wizard’s First Rule’ eve at Scott’s place.  He fit like a Trojan…uh…I mean glove.  Jay is the ‘Jay’ mentioned in a couple of whisky posts here as a friend who shares his drams.  Can’t go wrong there, huh?

Both fellas have been tasked with drafting up profiles/bios as the rest of us have done.  When they have finished, you’ll see ’em here first.  New group shot, similar to last (as it will be done at the same location) , will be in November at Scott’s ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ meet.  Those out there who have yet to meet us all can now see that the other two are just as fugly as the rest of us!

Welcome, gents!

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Oct 062010

So…our crew is now down to six.

I am truly saddened that Bauer is moving on.  An opportunity has taken him one province away (which makes for one hell of a commute for a night of boozin’ and pseudo-intellectualizin’).  He and I have been like brothers for many years now…having shared homes, friends, jobs, a band, books, music, drinks, thoughts and much more.  Though I know in my heart of hearts that this is best for him, I will be deeply blue that he is gone.

That being said…Bauer will always be a member here, and any time through town will be not only welcome but expected at gatherings.  Here’s hoping that schedule is open enough to allow frequent trips out west.

Glasses high, amigo.  You’ll be missed.

All the best.


– The Liquorature gang

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Aug 182010

We are a collective of book, whisky and rum lovin’ chaps who gather frequently over the best (and worst) the world of literature has to offer.  We have decided to share our news, views and reviews with any who care to indulge themselves. Wander the site…read our thoughts on whiskies, rums, books and whatever interests us enough to write about…make a comment.

For a little more in depth peek at what we do, pop over here:

Otherwise…hope you enjoy as much as we do.


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Feb 162010

So, gents…let’s get some dialogue going here.  I want to write up a summary for 2009.  Drop a few lines below letting us know your favorites…things that really stuck for you…things you didn’t like…etc.


  • Favorite Liquorature book of 2009
  • Favorite whisky of 2009
  • Favorite rum of 2009
  • Favorite gathering of 2009
  • Best conversation of 2009
  • Liquorature book you least liked
  • Beverage you least liked
  • Author you’re most likely to read more of now
  • etc

Get creative and sum it up for us.

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Feb 032010

So…after a quick read of the article Bauer sent on (re: Watson’s self-publication of “Geonesis”), it got me to thinking…

Uh oh.

I guess this proves even engineers can have a soul, huh, Robert?  Obviously your brother has an artistic bent.  Do you?  Is there a novel (or even a short story) lurking in you as well?

And to the rest?  I know Lance used to (perhaps still does) write, as did I.  Do I now?  No.  Do any of you?

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Jan 282010

Greetings, all.  Thought I should drop in a quick note for all visitors and guests.  This site has been on line for less than a month.  We are working hard in our free time to load our thoughts, comments, notes and reviews.

Please click on “ABOUT LIQUORATURE” at the top to see our ‘mission statement’ and a quick rundown of how we do what we do.

Though you may only see a handful of reviews under whiskies and rums right now…please do note that we have tried MANY more, and are working our way through publishing the reviews.  There will be constant tweaking, and new content daily.  Thoughts and comments are warmly encouraged.  Suggestions will be met with open arms.  Gifts of whiskies and books humbly accepted ;).



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Jan 252010

Ok guys, I’ve done just about all the rum reviews except the Bundie. I highly recommend the XM 5-year review and the one on the 1991 Renegade…others were kinda casual, but those two were fun to write.

I’m also noting that my admonition to Curt to have you guys use a sense of humour in your bios was taken very seriously indeed. Clint obviously dug into his inner child and Scott, well, what can I say? A masterwork.

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Jan 252010

Just thought I’d mention this: I’m bringing my camera gear along next time for a group picture…I think we should have something on the front page, since the last I recall, Pat doesn’t look much like Slash, and I’ve grown up a bit since I took my own.

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Jan 232010

Clint just got set up with his login.  Looking forward to some of his caustic wit…and of course, bearing the brunt of some of his barbs.

Let’s see some posts on here, guys.  I know you’re all opinionated buggers.

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Jan 232010

The Blood Meridian night struck a chord with me for some reason.  It completely epitomized what I want out of this club.  Great night.  Atmosphere like a smoky gentlemen’s club, great food, great book in terms of fodder for discussion…and most importantly…discussion that lived up to it.

Oh …and was there whisky?

Yes…yes there was.

Far and away my favorite night so far.  What was yours?

Jan 152010

Liquorature is a gathering of the elite and literate (the eliterate, if you will).  We meet once a month to discuss a predetermined book, and drink fine whiskies (and rums).  There is a host rotation, and each month’s host is responsible for selecting a book…choosing the scotch…and opening their home and pantry for the eve.  Our caveat for books…they must be fiction.  This is, after all, an escape…not an assignment.  The conversations are focused and intelligent (at least until the levels in the bottles drop)…the humor is always present…the atmosphere is always somewhat pretentious.  If you have made it this far…and are still reading…you’ll know that is not a bad thing.  Membership is closed, excepting ‘occasional travelers’ (at our discretion), yet outside opinion and discussion is always welcomed.

Liquorature was formed in January of 2009.  Our first gathering was in February.  The year has proven to us that, though divergent in many aspects of our lives, it is remarkable how similar much of our taste in literature is.  The odd exception has polarized us, but for the most part there is a near unanimity.  As we march through the months ahead I’m sure this will change.  The approaches to book selection will vary more, I imagine, as we get to know one another.  I think we all look forward to seeing the next selection.

Here you’ll find our thoughts and opinions on books, our ratings and notes on whiskies and rums (and who knows what else in the years to come) and our notes on each meeting.

There were a few reasons for starting this League of Extraliterary Gentlemen.

First…I have been fortunate enough to read some brilliant books in my life, and it is nice to be able to share them, and discuss them with others who understand.

Second…I believe we are trapped by what we are exposed to.  A diverse group of guys selecting books leads to a wider circle of exposure.

Third…I have some really great friends in my life.  This was an opportunity to see more of them.

Fourth…I missed the intellectual discourse so prevalent in my university days.

Fifth…I love fine whisky.

The question has been raised, is this a book club supplemented with whisky…or a whisky club supplemented with books?  The answer is simple.  Both.  The two compliment each other.  In vino veritas.  I believe we all open up a little once the water of life begins to flow.

…Oh yeah…and not one of us has conquered War and Peace or Finnegan’s Wake.


Feel free to peek around, or login and comment.  Suggestions are welcome for both beverages and books.

Welcome to Liquorature.

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