Jan 282010

Greetings, all.  Thought I should drop in a quick note for all visitors and guests.  This site has been on line for less than a month.  We are working hard in our free time to load our thoughts, comments, notes and reviews.

Please click on “ABOUT LIQUORATURE” at the top to see our ‘mission statement’ and a quick rundown of how we do what we do.

Though you may only see a handful of reviews under whiskies and rums right now…please do note that we have tried MANY more, and are working our way through publishing the reviews.  There will be constant tweaking, and new content daily.  Thoughts and comments are warmly encouraged.  Suggestions will be met with open arms.  Gifts of whiskies and books humbly accepted ;).



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Jan 252010

Ok guys, I’ve done just about all the rum reviews except the Bundie. I highly recommend the XM 5-year review and the one on the 1991 Renegade…others were kinda casual, but those two were fun to write.

I’m also noting that my admonition to Curt to have you guys use a sense of humour in your bios was taken very seriously indeed. Clint obviously dug into his inner child and Scott, well, what can I say? A masterwork.

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Jan 252010

Just thought I’d mention this: I’m bringing my camera gear along next time for a group picture…I think we should have something on the front page, since the last I recall, Pat doesn’t look much like Slash, and I’ve grown up a bit since I took my own.

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Jan 232010

Clint just got set up with his login.  Looking forward to some of his caustic wit…and of course, bearing the brunt of some of his barbs.

Let’s see some posts on here, guys.  I know you’re all opinionated buggers.

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Jan 232010

The Blood Meridian night struck a chord with me for some reason.  It completely epitomized what I want out of this club.  Great night.  Atmosphere like a smoky gentlemen’s club, great food, great book in terms of fodder for discussion…and most importantly…discussion that lived up to it.

Oh …and was there whisky?

Yes…yes there was.

Far and away my favorite night so far.  What was yours?

Jan 212010

This is a book Lance recommended to me a couple years back.  I then recommended to several others.  I know a few here have read it.  An absolutely brilliant book.  Once you start, it is hard to put down.  This would be a good Liquorature book, but I promise I won’t do it.  My next book will be ~300pgs or so.  Not another 1000 pager.

Who here has read it? 

Any discussion to follow…please refrain form spoilers.

BTW…movie in the works.  Rufus Sewell cast as Tom Builder?  Come on…lame.  Wiki it.

Jan 162010

As an aside to Liquorature, but still the same idea…I am hoping to have at least a few commit to a long term one-off meeting.  Many months in the future.  I am hoping to get a few of the members to make it through all seven book of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower (soon to be an eighth!!).  I want to make this strictly optional for those who devour books at a faster rate than our club dictates.  I am hoping for a long night of discussion over VERY fine whiskies and rums (start saving, boys).  There is an endless store of subject matter in these books, without any of it necessarily having to be tooooooo deep.

Just a thought…this would be the perfect opportunity for an ‘Occasional Traveler’ or two to join us if they have read, or want to read, such a bulky tale.

This meeting would not take place until all who commit have finished.  Likely towards the back end of the year.  I will host.

I know a few were interested, but before I start making my way through again I would like to know there are others equally committed.

Yay or nae will suffice.

Thoughts, gents?  Anyone want to follow Roland on his quest?

Jan 152010

Liquorature is a gathering of the elite and literate (the eliterate, if you will).  We meet once a month to discuss a predetermined book, and drink fine whiskies (and rums).  There is a host rotation, and each month’s host is responsible for selecting a book…choosing the scotch…and opening their home and pantry for the eve.  Our caveat for books…they must be fiction.  This is, after all, an escape…not an assignment.  The conversations are focused and intelligent (at least until the levels in the bottles drop)…the humor is always present…the atmosphere is always somewhat pretentious.  If you have made it this far…and are still reading…you’ll know that is not a bad thing.  Membership is closed, excepting ‘occasional travelers’ (at our discretion), yet outside opinion and discussion is always welcomed.

Liquorature was formed in January of 2009.  Our first gathering was in February.  The year has proven to us that, though divergent in many aspects of our lives, it is remarkable how similar much of our taste in literature is.  The odd exception has polarized us, but for the most part there is a near unanimity.  As we march through the months ahead I’m sure this will change.  The approaches to book selection will vary more, I imagine, as we get to know one another.  I think we all look forward to seeing the next selection.

Here you’ll find our thoughts and opinions on books, our ratings and notes on whiskies and rums (and who knows what else in the years to come) and our notes on each meeting.

There were a few reasons for starting this League of Extraliterary Gentlemen.

First…I have been fortunate enough to read some brilliant books in my life, and it is nice to be able to share them, and discuss them with others who understand.

Second…I believe we are trapped by what we are exposed to.  A diverse group of guys selecting books leads to a wider circle of exposure.

Third…I have some really great friends in my life.  This was an opportunity to see more of them.

Fourth…I missed the intellectual discourse so prevalent in my university days.

Fifth…I love fine whisky.

The question has been raised, is this a book club supplemented with whisky…or a whisky club supplemented with books?  The answer is simple.  Both.  The two compliment each other.  In vino veritas.  I believe we all open up a little once the water of life begins to flow.

…Oh yeah…and not one of us has conquered War and Peace or Finnegan’s Wake.


Feel free to peek around, or login and comment.  Suggestions are welcome for both beverages and books.

Welcome to Liquorature.

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