Nov 092010

We are surrounded at all times, in the western world, by TV, consumer culture, phones, ipods, the internet (the irony does not escape me), and people. We eat in crowded “food courts” in malls that all look the same, and we lose contact with our families due to pressure of work.  We labour for The Man in cubicles, not offices, and upward mobility is a joke. On the smaller end of the spectrum, we are sold on pizza, buffalo wings, boneless chicken, Valentine’s day, summer holidays, Christmas, Halloween, this year’s car models and toys our kids scream for us to buy. We think wines, single malt scotches and premium liquors of all kinds are the ultimate expression of subtlelty in the tasting arts.

Many of us think that much of this is a lot of hoopla, but I daresay we don’t really delve too deeply into the matter, except occasionally, in our cups.  So I’m throwing this out there: what are the ten most overrated and over-hyped (but underperforming don’t-live-up-to-their-promise) things in our world, in your opinion?

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