Mar 112012

Greetings, bookworms & spirit connoisseurs!


Just a ‘heads up’ for those that frequent this little vanity project we run here.

Liquorature (the site, not the crew) will be going through a bit of a metamorphosis in the coming days.  Forgive the (possibly) painful transition, as we correct the course a little.  When I set up this site (and sister site All Things Whisky), I made a few rookie mistakes.  Big ‘uns, at that.

Comments below this this initial post will help outline what we are doing as we do it.  As a starter, expect to see the layout change a little, some older content bubble up again and begin circulating through the main page and a few updates where info may be sadly out of date.  Chances are good we’ll find a dead link or two as well.

Suggestions are welcome, of course.  Whether they are implemented…well…we’ll see.

More to come, as we emerge from our cocoon…



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