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Many years back, while still living in BC and attending Thomas Haney high school, I met one of the most amazing people in my life.  Her name was was Erika and she had come to my school as an exchange student from Monterrey.  We clicked right away.  She introduced me to the beauty of Frida Kahlo and the brilliance of Ayn Rand, and we became extremely close.  I have no idea where she is now, but wherever it is and whatever she is doing I am sure she is amazing at it.

Around this time I also discovered ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Suskind.  This tale, along with the works of Ayn Rand, were stories that I thought would never be filmed, and to be honest…I actually hoped that would be the case.  I dreaded what Hollywood would do to these beloved books.

Well…years later (and a rather impressive cinematic adaptation of Perfume, I must concede) ‘Atlas Shrugged’ has managed to break from from that purgatory often referred to as ‘development hell’.  It seems as though Part 1 will be hitting theaters an the 15th of April of this year.

Never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a film by its trailer.  For those curious:


I won’t weigh in yet, as you know I am somewhat of an opinionated b*stard.  If I decide to see this you’ll be the first to know.

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  1. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist. But that April 15 date is problematic, since it prior to the prime summer releasing season, and so may be deemed by its makers not to have the huevos to compete against more hyped offerings. Pity.

  2. My first time on this site. I’m an avid reader and rum drinker but was concerned when I saw photos of guys only. So, are girls allowed???? I’ll post anyway!!
    Read Atlas Shrugged about a year ago and was totally enthralled. Can’t wait to see the movie. Was hoping the movie would be set in the time period as in the book but, based on the trailer, it’s more current.

    • Hi George, nice to see you finally found us. Anyone can post here, girls definitely allowed. The meetings are thus far boys only, because it just worked out that way.

      Your issue regarding the period look of the Atlas Shrugged film is one both Curt and I raised several times: we wished, like you, that they would have set it in a 20s or 30s art deco style, even though the book never says explicitly what period it’s set in.Still, we have high hopes…

  3. Consensus seems to be that the movie is underwhelming at best. Anyone here see it yet?

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