The Lion’s Game


The Lion’s Game – Nelson Demille

I received this book in hard cover for Christmas one year and I almost never read it because I hate reading hard covers. I’m glad I did though! this is book two in a series with Demille’s character John Corey in the lead role. Having just joined a new task force to battle terrorism John Corey tracks a terrorist plot across the United States. The story flows pretty well for the most part. There is a good balance between moving the story line forward and making the reader connect with the characters. I think my favorite part of the book was Corey’s inner monologue throughout the story as he is a smart ass tough guy who pretty much thinks and does what ever he wants. I believe this book would be a good read for both men and women. Don’t go into it expecting a life altering story that will change the way you think like some of the other books we have posted on the site (ATLAS SHRUGGED). This is a nice light read perfect for relaxing on a beach somewhere.

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  1. Though it seems a mite (uh…a LOT) misogynistic at first, give it some time to play out. Had a bit of trouble overcoming some of the corny quips early on, but was rewarded as it moved along.

    Surprisingly, due to both on the tough guy protagonist and subject matter, DeMille apparently has an extremely strong female readership too. Nifty.

    And by the way…indeed Pat did enjoy this one lying on a beach in Mexico. (Lousy, no-good, dirty…)

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