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Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card

This is probably Orson Scott Card’s most famous book. It is a science fiction novel based in the future where the earth has been struck with war from beings from another planet. It is the story of Andrew Wiggin as he goes through school in an attempt to be a military commander. It is a fairly quick and easy read, the first time I read it I was in junior high. I found Ender’s game to be a very fun read at first, it is one if those books that if you let your imagination carry you away you become the lead in the story. Many a night I have put the book down to go to bed and had vivid dreams of some of the exciting sequences that happen in the book where I actually startle myself awake by moving as I did in the dream.

After reading the Ender’s game the second time I was able to focus a bit more on the underlying social issues in the book that I did not notice the first time. Most of the issues in the book are prevalant in our society today.

I have given/suggested this book too many people and I have never heard anyone say it was not enjoyable.

There are 11 books written by Card including prequels, sequels and sametime events through others eyes. I believe that Ender’s game is the best of the series that I have read so far (read 4 others) however all have been enjoyable as Card made it easy to relate to the characters.

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  1. I’ve actually used the battle school section as a template on how to be a more visionary, effective and dynamic manager. There’s nothing in the book that is out of phase with a Harvard Busines Review how-to.

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