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Liquorature is first and foremost a Canadian book and whisky club.  It is a closed collective of the elite and literate (the eliterate, if you will).  We meet once a month to discuss a predetermined book, and drink fine whiskies (and rums).  We have a predetermined host for these gatherings, with each month’s host responsible for selecting a book…choosing the scotch…and opening their home and pantry for the eve.  Our caveat for books…they must be fiction.  This is, after all, an escape, not an assignment.  The conversations are focused and intelligent (at least until the levels in the bottles drop), the humor is always present and the atmosphere is always somewhat pretentious.  If you have made it this far…and are still reading…you’ll know that is not a bad thing.  Membership to these meetings is for the time being closed, excepting ‘occasional travelers’ (at our discretion), yet outside opinion and discussion is always welcomed.

Liquorature was formed in January of 2009.  Our first gathering was in February.  Our brief tenure has proven to us that, though divergent in many aspects of our lives, it is remarkable how similar much of our taste in literature is.  A few exceptions have polarized us, but for the most part there is a near unanimity in appreciating the books we have tackled.  As we march through the years ahead I’m sure this will change.  The approaches to book selection will vary more, I imagine, as we get to know one another.  I think we all look forward to revealing the next selection.

Our whisky and rum choices have taken us around the globe.  The more we sample, the more divergent our tastes become.  The benefit being, of course, that this leads to a wider sampling range for us.

Liquorature.com has grown into an entity of its own.  Our whisky, rum and book reviews on this website are starting to be noticed outside of our small circles.  Your reading and appreciation is in turn appreciated by us.  We work hard to analyze our books, and even harder to develop our noses and palates.  Reviews, by nature, are subjective.  We understand this.  Our aim is provide an idea as to the character of what we are reviewing.  The power then shifts to you, dear reader, to determine where to spend your hard-earned dollars. 

We have no agenda here.  We are independent and opinionated.  Our biases will shine through, and those offended be damned.  We would have it no other way.

Here on Liquorature.com you’ll find our thoughts and opinions on books; our reviews, ratings and notes on whiskies and rums; write-ups on each of our meetings; and most importantly…a place to discuss all things related.

So how did this all come about?

Well…there were a few reasons for starting this League of Extraliterary Gentlemen.

First…I have been fortunate enough to read some brilliant books in my life, and it is nice to be able to share them, and discuss them with others who understand.

Second…I believe we are trapped by what we are exposed to.  A diverse group of guys selecting books leads to a wider circle of exposure.

Third…I have some really great friends in my life.  This was an opportunity to see more of them.

Fourth…I missed the intellectual discourse so prevalent in my university days.

Fifth…I love fine whisky.

The question has been raised, is this a book club supplemented with whisky…or a whisky club supplemented with books?  The answer is simple.  Both.  The two compliment each other.  In vino veritas.  I believe we all open up a little once the water of life begins to flow.

…Oh yeah…and not one of us has conquered War and Peace or Finnegan’s Wake.


Feel free to peek around, or login and comment.  Suggestions are welcome for both beverages and books.  Join our online collective at Liquorature.


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  1. I like that top pic. It’s a shame you’re not in there, Lance.

  2. Next time I’m there I’ll know better: the stairs make a great vantage point and all I have to do is use the remote. Honestly, I didn’t expect this one to come out as well as it did.

  3. Rewritten.

  4. Are you local to Toronto?

    I am a wine agent here in Toronto. Recently, I was appointed as agent for this Tasmanian Whisky.

    I would like you guys to taste this whisky. In return, I’d to get your honest opinion about the whisky.

    • We’re in Calgary

    • Greetings!

      I’m the guy ’round here that does the whisky reviews, while Lance handles the sweeter side of things. Happy to sample any whisky you’d like and provide a fair opinion. I also run http://www.allthingswhisky.com out of Calgary here. There are more reviews there, and more content. Anything you’d like reviewed can be posted on both sites for max exposure.

      If you have a local rep, or can provide a smaple, I will give it all the time it deserves and happily review.

      Feel free to drop an email to:



  5. Love this site. I am a rum enthusiast and visit Edmonton frequently. I know you are based out of Calgary, but do any of you know a store in Edmonton that has a decent variety? My favorite rums include El Dorado 12, 15, 21, zacapa xo and 23, goslings old, abeulo centuria, atlantico, zaya, santa teresa, among others. Always looking to add to my collection or at least re-supply rums that I cant get here in Saskatchewan. Keep up the great reviews!

    • The other day I hit every liquor store on St Albert Trail north of 137th Ave (liquor depot, etc) and found just about everything on your list except the Centuria (dream on) and the Atlantico. Even found what may be the last remaining stocks of Renegade Trinidad 1990 and Guyana 1990 still in Alberta. As far as I’m concerned, with AB being a deregulated province, you can pick up the most surprising things in small, out of the way mom-and-pops without going to specialty likker establishments

      Good luck

  6. A most fantastic site of exemplary proportions. May I wish you all happy drinking and stimulating reading. May you never run out of rum… 🙂


  7. Looks like the pace of posts has slowed. Still in business?

    • I wish it were otherwise, Scott, but with me in the Middle East and blocked from this site (I’m writing this from a hotel in Berlin), as well as not participating in the Collective as a consequence; and with Curt so busy with AllThingsWhisky and The Dram Initiative, our additions to the Liquorature site have fallen precipitously.

      As best as we can we will continue to put notes up (Curt rather more than me) and respond to comments: there’s no question that the pace has slowed, though.

      But yes, we are still in business.

  8. Hi, just read what your about and it sounds like a super club. To get to the point, I have this bottle of single malt scotch whiskey, Bruichladdich, Islay 1973 (30 yrs old), well 44 now, but anyways I have been saving this bottle in the tin of course, thinking that I would have someone to drink it with me when it turns 50. None of my close friends drink scotch, besides they are 1370 kms away, as I moved away somewhat 5 years ago.
    Therefore I was wondering what I should do with it, wait 6 years, wait till I get married again, wait till I retire, let it sit on a shelf or I have been advised to sell it to someone who would appreciate it. Don’t really know what to do with it right now as I have had thoughts of getting rid of it, what do you guys think……

    would love to hear what you think, thanks………………..Murray

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