Hi there! I don’t like scotch and I hate reading. I was told that there would be girls at these functions! nevermind girls, there is not even punch and pie!

Welcome to Liquorature! I was excited about the prospects of doing a book club when Curt first put forth the Idea to me. In the last year that we have been gathering I have not been disappointed! I have been a heavy reader since I was in junior high. I read quite a few authors in the horror genre. Most of these authors are the more popular ones (King, Koontz, Rice).  When I found I had read through the works of these authors I picked up some Clancy and read through all of his books to. Any book with an exciting plot and good characters will often keep me up until 5 in the morning because I cannot put a good book down.

In regards to scotch: One of the first times I ever tried Scotch was after work one night about 8 years ago. We had a bottle of Auchentoshan that had sat there untouched for about 5 years. Once we had opened the bottle and had a nip I did not think that whisky was for me. Since then I was pretty much limited myself  to drinking Glenfiddich when I had the urge to have a drink of scotch. The Christmas before last I was at a party and the host gave me a dram of  Bruichladdich 15 year old and it pretty much hooked me. I appreciate heavily peated scotch but still prefer a lighter crisp one or one that is a little spicy. I hope everyone who comes to the site can get something out of it! ..BAUER

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  1. miss this dude! come back!!!!

  2. After a lengthy absence, Liquorature welcomes back the man in the hat. Bauer will make his triumphant return in time for the October club meet.

    Wlcome back, mate. You’ve been missed.

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