I, I got something to say.

You may not know this but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one man ginger wolf pack, but when I joined this book club in August I said “could it be?” and now I know for sure my pack has grown by six. All of us wolves running around Calgary looking for novels and Scotch.

When I lived in Dead Rear I had to take shelter in my UV free cave every year on November 20 ( National kick a GINGER day) but this year I didn’t because I trusted my pack which didn’t let me down. Having to hide my identity as a ginger for 29 years living in fear I finally fit in where I want to be; As the youngest, whitest and the most rhythmically challenged ginger in our wolf pack. I feel like my pack has accommodated my special needs by meeting after dark so my vampire-like skin doesn’t blind my fellow wolves.

As my third year living in Calgary I felt I can only trust my six man wolf pack and can finally admit I never enjoyed reading until I was in my lonely Twenties.  Joining this wolf pack I finally feel comfortable as the last standing vampired ginger alive.


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  1. Scott pic above.

  2. Buddha, I’ve finally got a picture that deserves to be up here.

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