The Expanded Group as of November 2010: (l to r) Chris, The Hippie, Jay, Mr. “A-is-A”, Pat, The Serial Killer, Ruminsky and the Ginger Buddha (click on image to enlarge)

We are a collective of book, whisky and rum lovin’ chaps who gather frequently over the best (and worst) the world of literature has to offer.  We have decided to share our news, views and reviews with any who care to indulge themselves. Wander the site…read our thoughts on whiskies, rums, books and whatever interests us enough to write about…make a comment.

For a little more in depth peek at what we do, pop over here:

Otherwise…hope you enjoy as much as we do.


The Original Gang from inception in January 2009 to October 2010: (l-r) Serial Killer, Mr. “A-is-A”, Pat, The Mad Hatter, The Last Hippie, Ruminsky and The Ginger Buddha
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  1. Guys, you can put your profile pics on the site automatically by going to en.gravatar.com signing up and putting in the same email address you use for liquorature. User names on gravatar do not have to be the ones we use here: it’s the email that is the key, apparently. Ensure all email addresses are in lower case. Easy as pie.

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