What a difficult thing to do – describe yourself to a bunch of strangers both in the club and on-line for all to see.

Of course I have had the opportunity to meet with all of you, but really what did I learn other than:

1) I know nothing about whisky/rum

2) Star Trek references can go over like a Lead Balloon with half the crowd

3) Looking at the list of books that have been read, I feel that I have missed out!

So what can I tell you – I am happy married with two little ones – Ethan and Alora. Native Calgarian living in my old hood of Sundance, I am a Financial Planner with the Bank of Montreal. Instead of boring you to death with everything else, I decided to answer three pressing questions that can define me:

1)  Yes, that is the Rebel Alliance Symbol tattoo on my arm. Perfectly explainable answer – I am not a Star Wars Geek (although it is he best series ever created), but the tattoo is a reminder of the reason that I went to film school in Vancouver. (That’s right – went to film school and now a financial planner – don’t ask).

2)  Rolling Stones vs. The Beatles – always a question that defines someone’s musical tastes, I tend to believe that although the Beatles are great, I tend to be a Stones fan. The ability of the Stones to constantly reinvent themselves while keeping the bad ass image even in there 70’s, you have to believe they are the greatest band in the world – period. If you don’t believe me, ask Martin Scorsese.

3) Huge sports fan – I am a Green Bay Packers fan – not a Brett Farve Fan. Very difficult part of my life when your football hero decides to ditch you, but a lesson for life – nothing is forever and great things can happen with change. Also to note, very large hockey fan, with high hopes for the Calgary Flames to win the Cup in ’11!! Lastly – love a good gamble when it comes to hockey or football, and have been known to participate in numerous “pools” at the same time. (Including winning a particular Curt Robinson Hockey Draft many moons ago…..)

Of course, I am a huge book fan, and although having a new family and recent career changes have left me a smaller amount of time to read than I would like, I wanted to be able to dedicate time to read and have an intelligent conversation about the book after. That is what made our “society” or club seem so interesting to me.

Look forward to many a good read!!

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  1. Welcome!

    Could not let this pass: Star Trek references go over famously with the *whole* crowd, no matter the denials in public – as General Westmoreland so famously said (paraphrased) “Inside every doubter is a Trekkie, waitin’ to come out.” As a film fan, you should not need me to point you to “Full Metal Jacket” for the correct quote.

    By the way: get an account on Gravatar to get your picture on your icon for comments, and post a pic here as well. Ridiculous hats are particularly appreciated.

  2. Glad to have you back, and interestingly enough, your 1st official gathering will be at the same place as your last encounter with us.

  3. I have a good one of Chris this time around.

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