Where does one begin to talk about himself? Birth, that’s where! I was born in Winnipeg, unfortunate as that may be, to a very non literary family. It really wasn’t until junior high that I got into reading. Of course the usuals at that age were Dragonlance and Stephen King, so I was pretty closed minded about branching out. I really opened my eyes in high school when my step father forced me to read Lord of the Rings. What an eye opener that was. From that point I was hooked!

Sadly, being the owner of my own small business hasn’t been the most cooperative and flexible career in regards to having spare time to read (not to mention being married with 3 daughters under the age of 5)!

Enter Curt. My salvation from my insane life! He really got me into sipping whisky and enjoying the finer things in life. The book club was yet another way to start to reclaim time to enjoy the quiet moments in my hectic schedule. Wish I could have done this years ago!

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  1. I’m debating writing a bio of my own for the poor guy….I’m sure I could come up with some suitable Mandingo reference or three.

  2. Thanks Lance, it’s nice to know somebody has my back!

  3. You do understand I didn’t say you would be Mandingo, right? πŸ™‚

  4. Looka that sterling chap!


    • That look of his gives me the creeps, like him and Clint are sharpening their knives together, or something, and plotting mischief and mayhem πŸ™‚

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