Jul 292012

Social Distortion – “Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes”

Latest outing by Mike Ness and co.  Punk/Rock & Roll/Country/Rockabilly’s most badass band seem to get sweeter with age.  Decades on and going strong.  This album is chock full of old school nostalgia (“Gimme The Sweet And Lowdown”), b&w gangsterisms (“Machine Gun Blues”)and beautiful punkish affirmations and vindications (“Still Alive”).

This is old cars, tattoos, pin-up girls, and old time Americana.  Bettie Page, where are you?

My kids sing along with these tunes.  I love that.  I grew up on Social D, and it kinda gives me a sense of ease thinking that maybe my kids will share some of the same values that made me who I am.  This is a band that changed my life.  Mr. Ness…thank you.


For a little bit of fun check out the video for “Machine Gun Blues“.  A wee cinematic masterpiece.



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