Jul 292012

Social Distortion – “Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes”

Latest outing by Mike Ness and co.  Punk/Rock & Roll/Country/Rockabilly’s most badass band seem to get sweeter with age.  Decades on and going strong.  This album is chock full of old school nostalgia (“Gimme The Sweet And Lowdown”), b&w gangsterisms (“Machine Gun Blues”)and beautiful punkish affirmations and vindications (“Still Alive”).

This is old cars, tattoos, pin-up girls, and old time Americana.  Bettie Page, where are you?

My kids sing along with these tunes.  I love that.  I grew up on Social D, and it kinda gives me a sense of ease thinking that maybe my kids will share some of the same values that made me who I am.  This is a band that changed my life.  Mr. Ness…thank you.


For a little bit of fun check out the video for “Machine Gun Blues“.  A wee cinematic masterpiece.



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Jul 252012


Many and many a day ago we used to have fun here at Liquorature by tossing up a ‘top 5…’ for discussion.  Any and all are welcome to throw in their two cents.  All ya gotta do is follow the rules set out by the original poster (OP), and put together your own thoughts.  Oh yeah…and be prepared for a bit of mockery.  😉

Let’s go retro.  Back to the earlier days of Liquorature.

This time?

Top 5 ‘Escape’ movies. 

Not escape as in prison break, but escape as in a film that visually depicts a world/place/mentality you want to be a part of or inhabit.  Give us a title and a few words on why each appeals.

Got it?  Good!

My own picks coming soon, but image above hints at one.


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