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Much ado in the world of Liquorature.

First things first…time to get back to the banter and friendly chatter that made us who we are.  A sort of shift back into first gear.  And with this retroaction, let’s adopt a somewhat classier face to the site.  Voila!  Whatcha think?

A few big changes to speak to…

  • The newer members
  • Some of the older vanguard moving on
  • Lance’s new site
  • The direction for Liquorature


A couple months back the Liquorature family welcomed a couple of new gentlemen into our esteemed ranks.  Lorenzo, a friend of Chris, who had once sat in as a guest for an evening wherein we tackled Haruki Murakami’s masterpiece 1Q84.  He was an immediate hit and a shoe-in for a spot.  The other is a gent both Lance and I knew.   Goes by the handle of Stuart.  This lad brings personality in spades and humor by the bucket.

This opening to new members is a rare occurance, and really only ever happens as a result of the loss of other members.   In this go-round we expanded beyond what we were used to (up to nine gents now) in what I hoped was a reinvigoration through fresh blood.  Things have indeed felt more vibrant of late, even if there have been a couple of book selections that have been sort of…ummm…asskickers.  Kudos to the old school and our new fellow alco-literates.  The Collective is strong and looking to many more years of both exercising and drowning our brain cells.

It’s with a somewhat heavy heart I have to share that Pat has opted to step out.  Though we’ll still see much of him, the reading is starting to weary his soul.  Time to move on when it gets to the point of ‘no fun’.  As I said…it’s not like he’s disappearing.  Pat will continue on as a member in one of my new projects, a Single Malt Scotch Whisky club here in Calgary, The Dram Initiative.  Regarding Liquorature however…it’s no small secret that he’ll be missed. Interestingly enough…we are down to two lifers in this club now; Lance and myself.  Though Bauer was with us for our founding, he later ended up taking a year long sabbatical in balmy Saskatchewan.  Now back in our clutches…hopefully he is here to stay.  Scott is another who arrived late, but looks to be one of the grumpy old men now, growing longer in the tooth and wiser by the day.  At least this is what we tell ourselves.



Beyond we four…Jay and Chris came aboard a couple years back now and seem to fit like a glove.  And of course…the two noobs mentioned above.  All told…a good crew.  The amorphous nature is somewhat surprising though, I must admit.

Ruminsky (Lance) has finally taken the plunge and launched his own site, as you likely saw in the previous post.  It will be his e-home where long pours of rum go to die.  A place to visit for detailed thoughts and reviews on all the vast stores of rums he manages to source.  Oh yeah…I hear the guy can write too.  Pop on by and have a read.  Good stuff.

I think I will likely follow his lead and post just the links here on Liquorature to all notes and whisky reviews I cobble together on my other vanity project site, All Things Whisky.  What will that mean for this site?  Well…changes to be sure, but nothing really new.

It will likely move back towards what it was before; conversations about books, movies, music, the arts, cigars, chitchat, whatever.  The art of being the intellectual masculine type.  Or something.  A little less likka-focused perhaps.  This website should be a place to feel at home with a dram and a copy of Moby Dick in hand.

Speaking of…

I did indeed just hoist that Leviathan on the lads, who managed to pull through with flying colors.  It was a helluva read, even for someone like myself with an appetite for such masochism and having already read it once before.  This intellectual weight-lifting is the very reason this club exists though, right?

Unlike Ahab though…Liquorature bested Melville’s White Whale, and now look forward to the next great challenge.  The boys have stepped up accordingly.

Moby-DickComing days will see us tackling:

Albert Camus (“The Stranger” or “The Outsider”), Philip K. Dick (“Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep”), Margaret Atwood (“Year Of The Flood”), Mark Twain (“Huck Finn”), Shusaku Endo (“Silence”) and more.  Depth and breadth, folks…depth and breadth.

Much more to come.

To those who have come along for the ride so far…come a little further.  To those just grabbing a seat…buckle up.



Cheers from your mates at Liquorature,

Curt, Lance, Jay, Scott, Chris, Stuart, Lorenzo, Bauer.



– Curt

– Photos:  Curt



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