Mar 112012

Greetings, bookworms & spirit connoisseurs!


Just a ‘heads up’ for those that frequent this little vanity project we run here.

Liquorature (the site, not the crew) will be going through a bit of a metamorphosis in the coming days.  Forgive the (possibly) painful transition, as we correct the course a little.  When I set up this site (and sister site All Things Whisky), I made a few rookie mistakes.  Big ‘uns, at that.

Comments below this this initial post will help outline what we are doing as we do it.  As a starter, expect to see the layout change a little, some older content bubble up again and begin circulating through the main page and a few updates where info may be sadly out of date.  Chances are good we’ll find a dead link or two as well.

Suggestions are welcome, of course.  Whether they are implemented…well…we’ll see.

More to come, as we emerge from our cocoon…



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  5 Responses to “The Changing Face of Liquorature”

  1. Lovely site, fellahs. It’d be so nice to follow your quips & reviews on all things that make life bearable and beautiful. I hope the new site transition is as painless as possible and will include a “follow” widget.

  2. For the most part (especially for Rums and books, which I curate), you’ll see older reviews come back up as we convert pages to posts and re-order the menu and quicklinks sections on the left and right.

    Already you’ll see that on the left side of the page there is a section to classify rums under countries, and whiskies under distilleries. Gradually, as the conversion goes on, the individualized list of links will grow less and disappear, and the posts will be found in the links.

    • Isn’t it about time for a new top ten list like top ten regrets or top ten whiskies tasted ?

      • Alas, since I’ve only ever managed to taste ten whiskies, that wouldn’t be a long list, now, would it? All kidding aside, if more people would contribute a bit, I’d certainly post another one. Past experience does not make me hopeful.

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