Jan 232010

So…who will be the first to introduce a SK novel to Liquorature?  There are several fans here, but no indication that anyone is moving in that direction yet.

If it were you…which would it be?  Why?

  5 Responses to “Stephen King…who will do it?”

  1. It would have to be The Stand or Salem’s lot for me. Although Salem’s lot is one of my all time favorite books I think I would have to pick the stand due to it’s more profound impact as a book.

  2. I’d pick something relatively obscure that flew under most people’s radar, or so new that it hasn’t gained adherents yet (fat chance, I know). So…”From a Buick 8″ or “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” or “Insomnia.” “Bag of Bones” is damned good too,and “Duma Key” just copied it, really (my opinion). My only mainstream pick would be “Tommyknockers,” and that’s for its multilevel interpretations (and humour).

  3. Duma Key was brilliant. A throwback to vintage, ‘scary as shit’ King.

  4. @Lance ARGLE BARGLE!!!

  5. Shortlist would be:

    “Cell”, “The Stand”, “‘Salem’s Lot”, “Night Shift”/”Skeleton Crew”, “Duma Key”, “Dreamcatcher”…or…”Under The Dome” (Just cause I have yet to read it).

    Lance…you mental?!?! I know your theory, but “Buick 8” or “Tom Gordon”? Ju crezzy, mon.

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