Jan 232010

The Blood Meridian night struck a chord with me for some reason.  It completely epitomized what I want out of this club.  Great night.  Atmosphere like a smoky gentlemen’s club, great food, great book in terms of fodder for discussion…and most importantly…discussion that lived up to it.

Oh …and was there whisky?

Yes…yes there was.

Far and away my favorite night so far.  What was yours?

  3 Responses to “Favorite Liquorature Gathering…thus far”

  1. This too was one of my favorites, only a few of us there but very lively discussion was had. I think Bob would have enjoyed the night if he was there even though he couldn’t stand the book!

  2. Commenting on each to catch myself up…so much to say for each.

  3. I think all of the gatherings so far have been very distinct in and of themselves, I think the books set the tone for most of the occasions. I find so far my the gatherings at my place and Bobs were more relaxed due to the nature of the books and some were more serious (Atlas of course). I think that the most enjoyable time I had was at Bobs place. It was pretty much an all day experience. One of my best days off work last year!

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