Jan 252010

Just thought I’d mention this: I’m bringing my camera gear along next time for a group picture…I think we should have something on the front page, since the last I recall, Pat doesn’t look much like Slash, and I’ve grown up a bit since I took my own.

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  1. Great idea. Pat said he will bring his as well. Let’s get lots of pics going. Shots of the books, whiskies, rums, rooms, us, etc.

    Only problem with the ‘front page’ idea is that having a static greeting page (ie photo/mission statement/etc) means that all POSTS are hidden. The only way to find them is to use the “CATEGORIES” to the right. Then they are sorted and not intuitive (as discussed). I had it set up that way, but no one knew about the posts and weren’t commenting. I have since reverted.

    I will chat with Paul about the best way to handle this.

  2. Good idea for the cameras guys but please be sensitive to the fact that our good pal Bauer is Creedish. He will not want his picture taken, lest that little black box capture his mortal soul.

  3. It’s the devils work those fancy contraptions!

  4. Well, if the front page is an issue, I have no real problems with a photo op per meeting to serve as a visual record of that gathering. Underneath the book cover on the gathering web page, maybe.

  5. Looking forward to seeing some pics, gents.

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