Aug 232013

Liquorature #006 – “The Chrysalids” (John Wyndham)

Date:  July, 2009

Host:  Robert

Whisky:  Grant’s

Rum:  n/a


An over-nighter at the acreage.  Some of the gang headed out early to begin prepping.  Clint and Bauer were in the kitchen while Robert built the fire.  Beer flowed until the three litre bottle of Scotch was opened (yeah…you read that right).  Dinner was great, as per Clint’s high standards.  The dinner call was even better.  The bulls of Pamplona have nothing on a charging Clint ringing the dinner bell.  Fortunately a new screen door was already en route.  Lance had the camera set up, and we all gathered around the fire.  Food done, Pat, Clint and I leaned back with cigars while the seven of us weighed in on The Chrysalids.  Very well received book.  Easy to read, much to discuss, and had topics which easily led into contemporary thought.  Robert’s story as to why he chose the book was a highlight as well.  Much later, as some retired and others retched, a few sat around the fire with the guitar.  Morning was swine and eggs, and watching Pat stretch out on any cool flat surface available.  Great, memorable evening.  I imagine this will become tradition.  Topic conversation about two hours I think…maybe slightly less.  Could have been longer, but liquor got in the way.


– Curt

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