Aug 232013

Liquorature Gathering #007 – “Atlantis” (David Gibbons)

Date:  August, 2009

Host:  Scott

Whisky:  Yamazaki 12 y.o., Macallan Fine Oak 10 y.o.

Rum:  Santa Teresa 1796


Really liked the ambience for this meeting.  Cozy little set up at Scott’s place.  Great snacks and nice beverages.  Scott picked up a Japanese whisky (Yamazaki) that was a very pleasant surprise.  The book did not receive an overly warm reception.  Most felt it went a little off the rails, and was derivative of the Cussler/Indiana Jones schtick.  That being said, it did have many positive merits.  Led me into some research regarding the “historical” Atlantis, Plato, ancient civilizations, etc.  For a mediocre book it managed to bring out one of the better conversations we’ve had to date.  Good night.  Topic conversation about two hours.


– Curt

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