Aug 232013

Liquorature #010 – “The Namesake” (Jhumpa Lahiri)

Date:  November, 2009

Host:  Lance

Whisky:  n/a

Rum:  Bruichladdich Renegade, Cadenheads Classic Green Label


Rum night #2.  A very personal night.  Discussion that hit home with a lot of us regarding both family and immigration.  Yep…we got all emotional.  Not a book that required a lot of follow-up, or that led to many story-specific conversations.  Relatively short evening that managed to pack a lot of decent conversation into it.  Fairly well received book.  A rum night.  Neither received quite the reception Zaya did last time.  Topic conversation likely only an hour (if that), however much conversation was related to instances and experiences from the book.


– Curt

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