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So…after a quick read of the article Bauer sent on (re: Watson’s self-publication of “Geonesis”), it got me to thinking…

Uh oh.

I guess this proves even engineers can have a soul, huh, Robert?  Obviously your brother has an artistic bent.  Do you?  Is there a novel (or even a short story) lurking in you as well?

And to the rest?  I know Lance used to (perhaps still does) write, as did I.  Do I now?  No.  Do any of you?

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  1. Nope no writing for me, nor have I ever, I’m more visually artistic.

  2. My writing these days, as does most of my reading, tends towards non-fiction. Essays, opinion pieces, reviews, blogs. My two novels and umpteen short stories are tucked away somewhere…occasionally I break them out and re-read them. But no desire to see them go further.

  3. @patc

    If you’re artisitic in one sense, the chances are better than even you can be artistic in another. The difference is in *wanting* to, I think.

  4. Always wanted to write some fiction but never had the epiphany moment on a story, nor the time.

  5. @bauer

    Use Stephen King’s method of seeing a situation and asking yourself, “What if…”. Then just start and see where it leads you. My experience is that as you write the ideas begin to flow and take you in directions you never thought of when yo started.

    Asimov always worked the other way round: he always knew how he wanted to end his story, and just plodded along until he got there. Both approaches are valid.

  6. It’s all about idea for me, not execution. Having that seed is what matters. The writing itself is generally easy and natural. It is having an idea that isn’t…reaching. Any suspension of disbelief has a breaking point. With all ridiculousness there must be some logic.

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