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I found it somewhat surprising that there do not seem to be any actual ‘whisky clubs’ in Calgary.  You can find them all over.  Members generally pay an annual fee, and gather monthly (similar to what we do) to taste and review a couple of whiskies, share notes, thoughts and experiences…and publish their thoughts.

The Victoria Single Malt Club, for example has a two year wait on membership.  Members often go in together (15, 20, 25 of them) to purchase casks  for bottling.  Of course pricing would be varied, but can you imagine?  Think about 350 bottles per cask.  If 20 people went in on one, you’d be looking at 17-18 bottles of whisky per person.  Pretty nifty.  I wish we had something similar here.

Our Liquorature book club gatherings, and Willow Park tastings suffice, I suppose, however I’d think in a city with this explosive of a population…and with this much money… there would be more…snootery.

Thought a thread on here specifically referencing ‘Calgary’, ‘Books’ and ‘Whisky’ may allow for some region specific hits.

Ralfy’s recent trip through Victoria for the Festival, led to one of his video reviews (vlogs) speaking to what we poor Canadian suckers must endure (over-taxation, delays, unavailablility, high prices, etc) to sip the good stuff.  Neat video.  Nice view of Victoria as well.  Check it on his site.

Thoughts on our libations (both rum and whisky) in this city?  (Availability, knowledgable help, cost, etc)

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  1. For those not in Canada, a few examples (sorry, currency conversion up to you):

    Ardbeg Uigeadail…~$100
    Glenmorangie Original…~$55
    Bruichladdich Octomore…~$150
    Macallan 12…~$75
    Caol Ila 12…~$80
    Aberlour A’bunadh…~$75
    Glenfiddich 12…~$40
    Talisker 10…~$65

    …so…how do we stack up against your locale?

  2. I too am shocked there is not a “Whisky Club” in Calgary. There are alot of people in this city that enjoy their Scotch evidenced by the fairly vast selection at Willow Park and their tendency to bring some VERY VERY expensive whisky’s on occassion.

  3. We just need to make more money, Pat, and then we could found one.


  4. Keep an eye on this thread. I have been following up on this one. Any of you snooty buggers have an interest in being part of an actual formal whisky club with an exclusive membership?

  5. I thought we were part of an actual formal whiskey club with an exclusive membership.

  6. @Ruminsky van Drunkenburg

    Lance, you’re stretching here…an exclusive whisky club would install motion sensors on the patio screen door.

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