Feb 082010

So…when not thumbing through Liquorature books, what have you been reading lately?

Anything worthwhile?  Recommendations?

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  1. Finishing the last few pages of “Survivor” (Palahniuk), for Liquorature, but then…

    I will continue meandering through my re-reading of “Red Mars”, and on into “Under The Dome” (Stephen King).

    Recently finished “The Grapes Of Wrath” (Steinbeck) (Review will follow), and “Tyrannosaur Canyon” (Douglas Preston).

    What about you guys?

  2. reading most of the Sherlock Holmes stories, also The 7 Daughters of Eve non-fiction work about mitochondrial DNA and our links to the past, and Light Science Magic a book on the science of light for photography.

  3. Reading Huck Finn…I’ve seen it referenced as a potential inspiration for the first-person writing style used for Catcher in the Rye (It really is, I’m not kidding).

    I’m only about 1/2 way through Huck Finn, and can see how the comparison might apply in the intellectual sense.

    Actual content? Give me Huck any day.

    I had a hard time with Holden’s attitude and outlook to begin with – how much can you wish for things to happen before you actually take a crack at changing it? I can’t imagine how Old Holden would react to Huck’s experiences being kidnapped, robbed, and beaten by his drunken lout. Furthermore, I would feel very sorry for poor Jim…having to share that raft with the original Emo Kid.

  4. @patc

    You might want to lend me that “Light Science” book. Given that you like video, I have a DVD documentary on lighting, cinematography and moving film photography that might interest you.

  5. just read the stand and am now halfway through the third Dark Tower book

  6. After finishing the last 27 pages of “Geonesis” I am either taking a swipe at something by Crichton (“Prey”…y’know…the nano book…or “Timeline”) or the classic version of “On The Road” before jumping into the Scroll version in a month or two.

  7. Did indeed read ‘Prey’…now into the scroll version of “On The Road”. Decided to knock this one out now, then read the classic version next month for the club.

    Still have not read ‘Under The Dome’ (King). That one and ‘Stone Of Tears’ will likely be my next two offline books.

  8. Halfway through “Xenocide” by Orson Scott Card. Just picked up “Point of Impact” and the next two in the WFR series.

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