Mar 052014

Bird Chronicle

This month’s selection: “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”, by Haruki Murakami.

A couple years back we tackled another of Murakami’s books, “1Q84”, and were all somewhat blown away.  The man has a voice and vision unlike anything I’ve ever read. 

As we speak, I’m on page 101 (of 607) and wish I could simply curl up with this book and a dram of old BenRiach in front of the fire.  Alas…work keeps getting in the way.

If you haven’t read Murakami, let me offer up highest recommendations.

– Curt 

  3 Responses to ““The Wind-Up Bird Chonicle” – Haruki Murakami”

  1. Couple hundred pages in now. Brilliant piece of writing.

  2. Page 344 now. Slow to make my way through this one. That is no commentary on the book itself, merely a complaint about my own lack of schedule management and free time. Been struggling to find the hours this week to read.

    There have been a couple of truly unpredictable detours in this tale. The Mongolian desert and the well scene in particular. Slight derailments, to be honest, but we’ll see where it all ultimately ends up. Plumbing the depth of his characters, however, is an absolute treat.

    • I posted over a week ago now about being on page 344. Now on 418. Hmmm…what happened? I’ve been busy, yes, but not that busy.

      The danger of your tale being a little too weird is that it can become unrelatable and sort of…drags. Hopefully we get back on the rails soon. I really like Murakami, but…

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