Mar 022010

Okay, gents…Here’s your lineup:


Scott’s Choice:  “Wizard’s First Rule” (Terry Goodkind)


Our first foray into fantasy.  I’m quite excited about this.


Bauer’s Choice:  “Looking Backward 2000 – 1887” (Edward Bellamy)


Dystopian novel written in 1888!!


Curt’s Choice:  “On The Road” (Jack Kerouac)

$12.54 Original Classic

$12.64 Scroll Version

Classic novel of the beat generation.  I have read this about 10 times.

Regarding “On The Road”:  This is considered a fiction novel, though based on real people.  Kerouac was forced to edit the early manuscript to change all names from those of real people to fictional identities.  He was also forced to clean it up and remove some of the more…objectionable content (keep in mind, this was the 40s).  A couple of years back the “Scroll Edition” was released.  It is uncut and has all names restored.

Two points of view here:

1)  Read the classic.  It is considered a classic for a reason.  Many feel that the “Scroll Edition” is mostly a novelty item for Kerouac fans.  By ordering this one, you are getting the novel as it has been reviewed and revered for 50+ years.

2)  Read the scroll version to see how Kerouac originally wrote it.  Will be a bit more racy, I imagine.  A little longer and a bit more raw.

It will be neat if we have a mix of people having read different versions.  Kinda cool to compare experiences.  I have the original and will order the “Scroll Edition”…and will have read both by June.

If you want me to order your books…let me know version one you want.

Looking forward to these!!

  4 Responses to “Next Liquorature Selections”

  1. What say, fellas? Look good?

  2. Quite the varied selection…looking forward to these!

  3. Two responses to order and one was for the “Classic” version of OTR and one for the “Scroll”.

    Nice. As I know I have also read the “Classic” and Clint has also read the “Scroll” we have a couple at least for each.

    Very Cool.

    Bauer…how the f*ck did you come up with this selection? I am deeply impressed and intrigued. Never even heard of it.

  4. I’m pretty much a literary genius. Have about 60 Pages left in looking backward. The book is right up your alley I think. There should be plenty of discussion paralleling the book and actual events/social structures, economic and political theories. I’m confused though… would we still call the theory behind the book futurism since the year 2000 is in the past?

    I think Scott and I are trading once we are done OTR as well! you know how I like to read books more than once anyway!

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