Mar 052010


I am meeting with David Michiels at Willow Park this evening.  We’ll be chatting about how best to proceed with the Calgary Whisky Club, and in just what sort of incarnation it will happen.  The potential is unlimited and the sky is the limit.  Regardless of how the details play out, this will be a relatively exclusive little club (Maybe 40 people?).  It will fill fast, and I imagine, as I have seen other clubs in other cities, that membership will stay relatively static.  There will most likely be a wait list.  If you have interest in this, please let me know as soon as possible.  We’ll have to see whether or not David and I agree on this, but I would like he and I each to cherry pick a few people to join, then open it up to random membership.  The caveat…you gotta be passionate about whisky!  This isn’t going to be a debate club.  It is going to be a whisky appreciation and connoisseur club (or at least a ‘connoisseur-in-training’ club).

If you were a member of a whisky club in Calgary, what would you hope for in return for your dollar?  Be honest?

Stay tuned for further details following tonight’s meeting…

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  1. Bump for attention.

    • Awesome news about the whisky Club.

      Send me some information and I will get the word on my Blog. And do tell David that I said Hi. I love the enthusiasm he brought to CSN Liquor when he was there and I hope his return to Willow Park is everything he hoped it would be.

      • Hi, Chip. Welcome.

        Check your email, sir. You’ll find a bit more there.

        I will certainly pass on greetings to Dave (likely tomorrow).


  2. This meeting was postponed, but will most likely happen tomorrow now.

    Please pass on any thoughts or suggestions for us to discuss.

  3. First meeting will be in April. Final date to be determined, but expect a Sunday evening.

    You will be pleasantly surprised with this one, I think, guys.

    First night will determine a lot. Nothing to be paid at first meeting. Annual cost…likely less than $100.

  4. Le sigh…the inauguration for this little whisky club has been delayed ad nauseum. Hoping to talk to Dave either today or outside latest, tomorrow, when Pat and I venture down for the Highland Park tasting.

    Updates will follow.

  5. Any progress on the Calgary Whisky Club? Very interested…

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