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Well, it’s been a long time since we had a list going, so here’s my quest for the next week.  Name your favourite (or best) movie triologies. Feel free to limit yourself to merely five, if you can make it.  Movie Geeks shoud be able to go all the way to ten without busting a sweat

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  1. Coming, Lance. Not ignoring you here, just need to give this one some thought. Some blurry lines. What if it is a trilogy NOW, but there is a fourth flick coming?

  2. Fair question, but my take is that as long as there is a united, consistent and discrete trio of movies within the cycle (Star Trek, koff koff), then it does not matter whether there are more than three or not.

  3. Okay…

    1) The Lord Of The Rings. Having never read Tolkien , this was my first exposure to this tale. Great story, solid acting, brilliant visuals. The wait between each film was torturous. Love these movies.

    2) The Matrix. God forbid I rank this higher than the ones that follow, but…tough shit. My list. Visual orgasm…wacked-out philosophy…revolutionary film making. I love movies that take you to a new world. My first two picks do this.

    3) The Godfather. No bitching about 3 not being good enough. Maybe it isn’t as strong as 1 and 2, but…still good. DeNiro and Pacino in the same series…epic. (Gotta note…until Righteous Kill I didn’t believe it was possible to go wrong with Pacino and Bobby D in the same flick)

    4) Star Wars. What can I say? I little overkill in the past decade has caused this one to drop on my list. Still love it, but I actually change the channel when it comes on now. I do look forward to introducing my kids to it all though.

    5) Evil Dead. Bahahahaha!!! Piss on anyone who disagress. Sam Raimi? Evil genius. Bruce Campbell? B-flick Demigod. These movies were a precursor to so much more. If you likes Planet Terror (Rodriguez) and have not seen Army Of Darkness…tsk tsk tsk…for shame.

    Hon mentions:

    Oceans 11 (12, 13). Great ensemble. F*cking funny flicks. Clever twists.

    Pirates Of The Carribean. Just a whole pile of fun.

    For those about to lynch me due to any of the following – Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Back To The Future, etc, – piss off.


  4. Filthy mudbloods, such a disappointment to my master, Kreacher must make his own list, yes he must:

    In no order:

    – “Star Wars”, “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”. No more need be said. Prequel trilogy stank, yes it did, and even beautiful darkness of “Revenge of the Sith” did not rescue it.

    – “Red”, “White” and “Blue” – meditation by Polish filmmaker on the meaning of the colours in France’s flag.

    – Indiana Jones (original three). Kreacher need not elaborate except to say he bought the whip.

    – Matrix trilogy. Kreacher was cast as The One until Keanu Reeves auditioned, filthy latecoming rat human.

    – Star Trek II, III and IV (The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock and The Voyage Home.) Kreacher wept when noble scion of House Slytherin – complete with green blood – died.

    – “A Fistful of Dollars”, “For A Few Dollars More” and “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, by spaghetti master Sergio Leone

    – “The Lord of the Rings”. That was Kreacher, acting as Gollum. Filthy mudblood stole his precious.

    – Kreacher cannot forget Marty McFly from “Back to the Future”

    – The Godfather.” Nuff said. Kreacher likes making offers others can’t refuse.

    – Kreacher’s favourite is “Evil Dead,”, “Evil Dead II” and “Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness”, which ties with “Night of the Living Dead” trilogy. All Kreacher’s relatives were in it.

    – Terry Gilliam’s “Age of Man” trilogy – “Time Bandits”, “Brazil”, “Adventures of Baron Munchhause”

    – “Toy Story” 1, 2 and 3

    Honourable mention goes to:

    – Spiderman
    – Final Destination
    – Terminator 1, 2 and 3
    – Alien – with Kreacher’s Aunt Harriet – scrapes in, though it is not a true trilogy
    – Pirates of the Caribbean
    – Lethal Weapon

  5. Emphatic ‘yes’ to Romero. Though where to draw the line?

    Loved all of ’em through Diary Of The Dead. Survival Of The Dead is out now. Ready to watch at home, just haven’t had an opportunity to sit around for a good zombie flick recently. This is now a sextet.

    BTW…the remake of Dawn Of The Dead was stellar too.

  6. Back The Future…sigh. First one…yes…others no.

    Spiderman…third one kinda weak. Venom should have had his own movie.

    Have not seen time bandits, but the other two Gilliam movies listed were awesome.

    Oh yeah…Karate Kid could ALMOST be added if it weren’t for the abortion that was 3.

  7. Highly recommend Time Bandits. Red, White and Blue are more arty, but very good also, in my opinion. And after growing up on B Westerns, to see Sergio Leone’s sweat covered faces and harsh Spanish landscapes was like a dash of cold water to the face – his influence on “dirtying up” the classic western is unappreciated, I think.

  8. 1 – Lord of the Rings
    2 – The Matrix
    3 – Bourne Trilogy
    4 – Austin Powers
    5- Rambo
    6- Mad Max
    7 -Beverly Hills Cop … more for the first two not for the third
    8- Ice Age
    9- Blade
    10- Rush Hour
    11- Jurassic Park
    12- Mission Impossible
    13- Evil Dead
    14- Aladdin
    15- The Mummy
    16- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    • Rambo (the fourth one) was better than any of the first trilogy.

      Jurassic Park. Of course!! I’s retarded. The second one had some weak moments (the gymnastic crap, anyone?), but otherwise…absolutely.

      I lawled at some of these. TMNT? Aladdin? Rush Hour?


  9. these are the ones i could pull off the top of my head

  10. Only Rum lovers would fail to mention the Mad Max trilogy and Highlander.


    Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere

  11. Not so. I thought Mad Max failed on #3, and #1 was marginal for me. Highlander #1 got points for originality, but #2 and #3 were so abysmally horrible that I would rather convert to the Peat than recommend them as part of this series.

  12. How about a director’s trilogy Jim Jarmusch

    1- Dead Man ( best movie ever made )
    2- Ghost Dog
    3- Broken Flower ( All things Bill Murray )

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