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Lads n’ lassies of the swillin’ sort,

There was a similar post here a while back asking what was on your wish list.  Here I want to simplify that, as your wishlist, if anything like mine, is just that…wishes.  Some on my list are far beyond these shallow pockets.  For now anyway.

So instead I ask…what is your next bottle going to be?  Why?

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  1. Jay is taking me to a store called J Webb in Glenmore Landing today after work. Apparently they are quite insistent on having a bottle open of all available whiskies. A try-before-you-buy sort of deal. I like this a lot.

    Right now I am vacillating between a bottle of Amrut Fusion and a bottle of Islay’s latest, Kilchoman. While I know that the Fusion is exceptional, I have yet to try the Kilchoman. Jay was able to sample it at J Webb yesterday and says it is brilliant.

    Now the decision remains to be made…

    Another peat blast from Islay or a nifty l’il treat from India?

    Let ya know as soon as I am done.

  2. Probably Talisker 10yr or something I find on sale somewhere. I actually had Johnie Walker Black in Saskatchewan and was very pleasantly suprised, so maybe that.

    • JW Black is great stuff – nice balance and the price is right. Beats the hell out of the Blue in my opinion.

  3. Amrut Fusion.

  4. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  5. Next bottle to open .

    Yamazaki 18 year old from Suntory (Bill Murray – Lost in Translation).

    I understand this one is a vatting of three types of Oak casks; American (sweet toasted bourbon), Spanish (Tasty Sherry) and Japanese (unsure of this oak influence). Supposed to have cherries and Oranges on the nose and long complex finish. Might try it with a Springbank 18 year old to see how they stack up. Open to suggestions for a comparison Whisk(e)y to try at the same time


    A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing

    • Funnily enough…Lance pulled out a bottle of the Yamazaki 12 on Friday night. It is also quite a fruity dram.

      How was the 18?

      I would throw this up against a beefy Speysider if you want to compare sweet honeyed fruity whiskies.


        Or the Yamazaki 18 year old from Suntory (Please Suntory don’t sell out to Diageo the evil Cyclops of the whiskey industry) vs. the upscale good looking super model sister ( Claudia Schiffer ) of Glenfiddich, The Balvenie 17 year SherryOak beefy Speyside

        Criteria for section was; age, sherry influence, ABV at 43% and I happen to own both bottles

        1st up was The Balvenie 17 year old OB at 43% purchased in Calgary 2009

        Nose – Not your mothers Balvenie. The Sherry is strong with this one. Sherry is the path to the dark side (alright enough with Star Wars), Oranges, mixed bag of spices, cinnamon in the forefront. Second go finds caramel and some almonds
        Palate – Spicy tart Sherry maybe a little apple or pear
        Finish – Very long
        Balance – ok, all you can expect from most likely 1st fill Oloroso casks, but missing some creamy butterscotch notes typical of Balvenie.

        Note – 2009 David Mair, Balvenie Ambassador was at Willow Park for a range tasting. He told me that this expression is using the last of their Sherry casks. I thanked him for not using perfume bottles like Louis Vuitton Glenmorangie and he just looked at me strange and backed away.

        This makes a better after supper whisky and would rate it 86 /100

        Next up Yamazaki 18 Year old OB at 43% purchased Heathrow Airport 2008 (Can now buy this in Calgary)

        Nose – Creamy, vanilla, cherries, raisins. 2nd go finds flora notes, apple.
        Palate – Sweet, complex
        Finish – Long and multilayered
        Balance – Wow, balanced is how best to describe this whisky.

        Note – would like to have tried this one at cask strength. Great summer whisky. Would rate it 90/100


        I sat down beside her, said hello, offered to buy her a drink… and then natural selection reared its ugly head

  6. Is that Balvenie as deeply woody as the younger bottles?

    MM…how many bottles do have open at any given time?

    BTW…I like the Yamazaki 12, but this sounds like it would kick the hell out of it.

    • Not sure what you mean by woody? When I use woody its usually describes an older whiskey that has been in the cask to long.

      I seem to have between 30 to 40 bottles opened at any given time

      • Both the Sig12 and the Doublewood are all sherry, fruit and rich wet wood to me. Emphasis on the wood. Maybe that’s just me.

        I generally have about the same open. We could have one helluva sampling night together.

  7. Next? Hmmmm…perhaps Highland Park 15 or 18.

    Perhaps I should wait for my Islay trip in a month and a half.

    BTW…that Kilchoman is delicious.

    • If your not already you should become a Friend of Laphroaig before your trip to Islay

      From the Laphroaig website :

      every Friend of Laphroaig should have (for their lifetime) their own personal square foot of Islay from a portion of this land. Each plot is registered and you may visit it (or view your plot on our members website). And more importantly collect your rent from us – a dram of the finest!


      Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things.

      • Indeed I am already. If you can find images, you’ll see that people plant their little flags on their plot. All in cheesy good fun. Also gets you super deals from the shop.

        You’ll have to come join us one night after I get back to sample something from the island.

  8. Newest additions:

    – Black Grouse
    – Ardmore Traditional Cask

    (These were left behind by J a couple nights back)

    Next bottle?

    – Hmmmm…likely Alberta Premium

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