Jul 212010

…Or do you?

Do you have a snazzy backlit set of glass shelving?  A gorgeous deep mahogany bar?  A dusty cupboard above the fridge?

I have 45 bottles right now.  Some I am nearly done and hoping to get rid of soon, but others will always be stand-bys.  I don’t really see myself being content with much smaller of a selection than I have. 

That being said, I am looking for the perfect way to display my scotch selection/collection. 

Care to share some thoughts on how you display yours now, or how you would like to?

  8 Responses to “How Do You Display Your Bottles?”

  1. Please pack up all unwanted bottles in a large cardboard box on your back deck. Jay and I will relieve you of your burden.

    As for display, I have all my bottles up in our large corner cabinet w/ glass shelves & interior puck-lights. It actually looks pretty good. Right now, I have (in varying quantity)….

    Aberlour 10 (~750 ml crystal scotch decanter filled to brim)
    A’bunadh batch 28
    Highland Park 12
    Laphroaig Quarter Cask
    Ardbeg Corryvreckan
    Amrut Fusion
    Balvenie Doublewood

    Without a doubt, next purchases will be to top up that Laphroaig & HP. My ultimate goal is to keep a cost-effective sherry (Aberlour 10), Islay (Laphroaig QC) and all-rounder (HP12) on hand at all times so that I can strech the beauts (Corryvreckan, etc) a little bit further. That the cheaper stuff is excellent in its own right, well…that’s why we love our single malt, right?

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong (I often am), but isn’t light in general bad for scotch? I don’t know, I keep mine in the cupboard above the stove. Easy to do with only two bottles…

  3. Good question. …and no, you’re not necessarily wrong.

    I have yet to hear a definitive answer to this one.

    BTW…as long as those two bottles are good ones…that’s all that matters.

  4. Whisky should not be stored in direct sunlight as it will take some of the colour from the whisky and can fade the labels on the bottle. it is recommended that whisky be stored in a cool dry place. I believe that a whisky’s biggest enemy is air after it is opened as oxidization begins. I wonder if they have one of those pumps like they do for wine?

  5. Obviously the optimal solution is a cool, dry, airtight enclosure that is pressurized with nitrogen… or maybe I’ve been working in a lab too long.

    And as for me I’m rockin’ an Aberlour 10 Year and Balvenie Doublewood. Soon to expand, what with having a ‘real’ job finally.

  6. Indeed it is!

  7. I built a small bar in my basement, just finished it 6 months ago. If I would do it again I would of course do some things differently. Probably build it bigger.

    The question if sunlight harms the booze is not so important to me. Partly because I don’t have all that much direct sunlight in the basement but mostly because it makes me happy to be able to see my bottles… They are consumables after all, I very much doubt I can bring any when I die!


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