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We are a collective of book, whisky and rum lovin’ chaps who gather frequently over the best (and worst) the world of literature has to offer.  We have decided to share our news, views and reviews with any who care to indulge themselves. Wander the site…read our thoughts on whiskies, rums, books and whatever interests us enough to write about…make a comment.

For a little more in depth peek at what we do, pop over here:

Otherwise…hope you enjoy as much as we do.


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  7 Responses to “Welcome To Liquorature”

  1. New group photo now included

  2. I notice that The Captain has reviewed Liquorature – the rum component, anyway – on his website, and given you a low ranking: 3 out of 10. Quite a diss, isn’t it?

    • The Captain is, like all others, absolutely entitled to his own opinion. On this site, what any readers are getting are ours. Those who agree with his review probably don’t hang around here much anyway.

      I do find it curious, however, that El Kapitan would continually praise Liquorature and wax rhapsodical about this site’s honesty in posts here just the other day, and then turn around and comment on his own site that we don’t rate highly just because we are not in concordance with his notions on the generally accepted quality of soleras, or Mount Gay XO (to quote two examples). If we agreed with everyone just to avoid a bad “site review” – now that would be dishonest.

      • Lance I fine your reviews informative, interesting and well written. Although we enjoyed different drinks, I still read your reviews. I personally would give you a 9 out10 while deducting only a single point for drink choice.

        As for Captain I would simply say to him …………. your girl friend gave me a much higher rating last night!

  3. I did wax rhapsodic (say THAT ten times fast) here – well deserved too, Lance – as I did in my Reviewer’s Review (linked at our name, above). Here’s a few quotes from the review:

    “For those who like whisky, women, rum and good books this is truly a fun site to visit. The books influence is clear, as these guys love good books, appreciate good writing and can truly turn an entertaining phrase.”

    “Lance”, aka the well-named Ruminsky van Drunkenberg is a fun and brilliant writer, captivating and entertaining… When he reviews a rum, you not only get his impressions, you get a story. And a good, entertaining and educational one. I loved it!”

    “Intrigued by creative websites? Click on over. Want to be well entertained by a brilliant writer? Be sure to visit. But as for rum, not so much”.

    In sum I found your rum reviews honest, entertaining and captivating, but sadly, expressing a sweet tooth bias toward extreme age and price, and out of step – not with me – but with widespread expert consensus.

    Still, my final words in the review were that despite all “…I’ll visit anyway. You’re that good”. And you are.

  4. Hey,

    (sorry, didn’t know how to get in touch with you in order to submit feedback)

    i really like your site, i always kept coming back to research interesting rums, because your reviews seemed pretty reliable. Sadly, since you changed the navigation, it’s a lot harder to find what a specific rum i’m looking for. The search isn’t much help either, because it will show random other articles in which the search item was mentioned.

    Also, i’m really missing an RSS feed.

    • Standard email is, but commenting here is just as good.

      With respect to navigation, I’m always trying to make life easier. The “new” system was meant to stop rums and whiskies running forever down the entire right and left side of the page, but if this creates issues then I think the only other solution is to create some kind of index page and link everything there. That will take some time (120+ reviews is a pain to link together) but I’ll get on it.

      Thanks for the feedback…always happy to hear comments from readers.

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