Jan 162010

As an aside to Liquorature, but still the same idea…I am hoping to have at least a few commit to a long term one-off meeting.  Many months in the future.  I am hoping to get a few of the members to make it through all seven book of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower (soon to be an eighth!!).  I want to make this strictly optional for those who devour books at a faster rate than our club dictates.  I am hoping for a long night of discussion over VERY fine whiskies and rums (start saving, boys).  There is an endless store of subject matter in these books, without any of it necessarily having to be tooooooo deep.

Just a thought…this would be the perfect opportunity for an ‘Occasional Traveler’ or two to join us if they have read, or want to read, such a bulky tale.

This meeting would not take place until all who commit have finished.  Likely towards the back end of the year.  I will host.

I know a few were interested, but before I start making my way through again I would like to know there are others equally committed.

Yay or nae will suffice.

Thoughts, gents?  Anyone want to follow Roland on his quest?

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  1. I’m always up for some gun slingin with the Ka-tet

  2. He’s talking about Desperation

  3. I thought it was a reference to infomercial album sales. Y’know…’order now and we’ll send you Ka-tet’s super sounds of the 70’s and at no extra charge…”


  4. Well…Bauer is nearly done this series. Guess I better start slowly making my way through as well.

    All interested…get reading, boys.

    As this is an offline project thing…feel free to involve an outsider or two if they have read them and are interested.

  5. I want to resurrect some interest in this and actually nail something down.

    Anyone (excepting Bauer…who we know will be all over it) interested in firmly committing to this?

    As menioned…this is not a Liquorature thing per se. You can involve others if they arre willing to participate and throw in a decent chunk of cash. I want to have a couple of stellar bottles for this night. Really good stuff for several hours worth of discussion.

  6. Well, given that I’ve read the next three books in series already (Shogun, Hitchhiker and Honour Among Thieves), I may actually have some time to read the whole Gunslinger cycle, but I’d want any get-together set far enough in advance not to interfere with everything else I have on the go.

    So if you say October sometime, then I’m a go.

  7. That would be the earliest. I am actually thinking no earlier than mid November. Possibly as late as back of December depending on schedules.

    Cozy blustery eve around the fireplace? Hell yeah!

  8. It would be interesting if I would review the entire cycle as one body of work, or each booik individually…hmmmm

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