Oct 062010

So…our crew is now down to six.

I am truly saddened that Bauer is moving on.  An opportunity has taken him one province away (which makes for one hell of a commute for a night of boozin’ and pseudo-intellectualizin’).  He and I have been like brothers for many years now…having shared homes, friends, jobs, a band, books, music, drinks, thoughts and much more.  Though I know in my heart of hearts that this is best for him, I will be deeply blue that he is gone.

That being said…Bauer will always be a member here, and any time through town will be not only welcome but expected at gatherings.  Here’s hoping that schedule is open enough to allow frequent trips out west.

Glasses high, amigo.  You’ll be missed.

All the best.


– The Liquorature gang

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  3 Responses to “A Farewell to Bauer”

  1. Lance…can you drop a pic in here for me?

  2. This almost sounds like a eulogy! Made me all teary eyed!

    Needless to say ‘liquorature Friday’ has been the night I looked forward too every month for the last few years. I have enjoyed both the books and spirits which I never would have experienced on my own. The thing I will miss the most however is the camaraderie of our group! Everyone of us brought something a little different to the table and made for some very enjoyable and enlightening times. Every time I sip a glass of scotch, rum or bourbon in my future will bring back fond memories. Thanks again for including me in the group and I’ll see you soon.


  3. Your hats will sorely be missed.

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