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Hmmm.  I’ve been so into the rums and the movies over the last weeks, that it has slipped me to see what others are reading these days.  This of course came about at work when The Hippie and I were discussing possibly upcoming choices with which to plague the illiterati.

Books for me have always been a lifeline.  My childhood was marked by frequent (and interesting) changes.  Before I was twelve I was already on my third continent.  Friends changed, languages were different, cultures varied wildly: but the great constants through it all were my brother, my father…and books – for which my mother can truly be said to be the facilitator (she was a librarian). Some of my earliest memories from Africa remain those of my curled up in a corner next to her office, reading a pile of Willard Price or Enid Blyton stories.  Want to know why I speak and write with such polysyllabry?  Blame all that earlier reading.

This love has never left me.  I may not have embraced e-books or the Kindle, but I read with as much interest and variety as always.

So what am I reading now?  Here’s what’s on the shelf at home, and I’d like to know what you have on your bedside table as well:

1. Blame The Hippie for this one – A People’s History of the United States

2. Ways of Sunlight – Short Stories of Samuel Selvon

3. A Corpse in the Koryo by James Church (an Inspector O novel, set in – get this! North Korea)

4. The Complete Sherlock Holmes (I’m prepping for the Baskervilles session in November, but am rereading eveything to prepare)

5. A Drink Before The War – Denis Lehane.  My take is that Lehane is one of the best noir writers currently publishing, with unexpected threads of humour coiling around all his very dark work. I don’t care what you start with, but any one of his novels is worth a read.

And there you are.  What have you got to share or recommend?

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  1. Finished ‘Bag of Bones’ (King) night before last, and am currently about 100 pages into ‘On Writing’ (also King). After that it will be ‘Lisey’s Story’ (yep…King) as it is the only one of his major works I haven’t yet read.

    All of this is in prep for the release of ‘Full Dark, No Stars’ (uh…can’t remember who wrote this one 😉 in a couple of weeks.)

    I am debating ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ simply because it is EVERYWHERE and I haven’t heard anything bad about it.

    Others (in no particular order):

    – ‘River God’ (Wilbur Smith)
    – ‘Underworld’ (Don Delillo)

    …and threaded through these, for Liquorature…

    – ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ (Doyle)
    – ‘Sophie’s World’ (Gaarder) (haven’t read this one in YEARS)

  2. Girl with a Dragon Tattoo is pretty gooid, but could have used some harsher editing, as the entire trilogy did. Too many small details that go nowhere, and it becomes more evident in the two succeeding books. That said, each book is different, and each explores something interesting. Good pick..might want to watch the movie first, see if it’s your thing.

    Oh yeah…if you’re going to start with Wilbur smith, try “The Sunbird” or “Eagle in the Sky” or “The Diamond Hunters.” Other worthwhile standalones are “Hungry as the Sea,” or “Wild Justice” or “Gold”. Even the very first book he wrote is good.

  3. Funny how we corrupt one another. Lance blames me for reading Zinn, yet now I am hooked on his afore-mentioned Lehane.

    Heckuva fun (uh…maybe not the most fitting adjective) read.

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