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So…as mentioned in a previous post, our esteemed colleague and resident clown, Bauer has relocated as of just recently.  I think I had (and have) a tougher time with this than the rest, as Bauer is a brother to me.  In all ways but blood.  He is ‘Uncle Boo’ to my girls; we’ve lived together; played on stage together; been in clubs and pools and Liquorature together; we’ve road-tripped and drank; seen concerts and hockey games; and generally just clicked from early on.

Not only will Bauer always be a part of my life (and my family’s), he will always be a part of Liquorature.  I hope he continues to post here frequently, read our books and comment on the respect pages here on the site.  He also has an open invite to any gathering he is in town for.  Kinda like our honorary member.

Cheers to ya, Boo.

Having said all of that…

Liquorature became smaller.  Something we didn’t want.  We tossed names around, spoke to potential candidates and narrowed the field down to just a couple of truly engaging individuals whom we thought would, on the one hand fit the Liquorature mold…and on the other hand, smash that mold to bits.  We weren’t looking to find a replacement (Bauer is not replaceable, as all here will attest).  We were looking to bring in someone new to add to our conversations and be one more voice of dissent (cause that’s what this is really about , isn’t it?).

Two candidates ended up being the last standing.  Both wanted to be involved.  Both could being something new.  Both had more than one person in their corner nominating them as potentially a great member.  In the end, after much deliberation, and bending our own rules about the number of members…

We welcome Chris Graham and Jay Roberts into the fold.

Chris, you’ll remember, has sat in with our group for the ‘Wizard’s First Rule’ eve at Scott’s place.  He fit like a Trojan…uh…I mean glove.  Jay is the ‘Jay’ mentioned in a couple of whisky posts here as a friend who shares his drams.  Can’t go wrong there, huh?

Both fellas have been tasked with drafting up profiles/bios as the rest of us have done.  When they have finished, you’ll see ’em here first.  New group shot, similar to last (as it will be done at the same location) , will be in November at Scott’s ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ meet.  Those out there who have yet to meet us all can now see that the other two are just as fugly as the rest of us!

Welcome, gents!

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  1. Hello,

    I found your website and noticed that you are in Calgary. I was wondering whether you guys know of any US stores that will ship liquor to Alberta. I am looking for Captain Morgan’s Tattoo rum and have had not luck getting it in Canada. I appreciate any help or information.

    Thanks, Nate

    • No clue, sorry. Posing your question on the Ministry of Rum might help. My own opinion is that if you do find one, you’ll still be liable for taxes and duties. It might be easier to just go there personally.

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