Feb 082011

Just that.  What’s on the table right now?

I am one of those manic individuals who has to have multiple books going at one time (ahem…especially when one of them is a really long fantasy trilogy wrapped up in an omnibus package).  Let’s face it…everything we tend to surround ourselves with either affects our moods or is tailored to suit them, so why should books be any different?  With a few going I always have something to suit my fancy.

The current rotation:

“The Fionavar Tapestry”

– Guy Gavriel Kay

This is Lance’s February selection for the Liquorature crew.  A hefty chunk of fantasy.  Sigh…not my favorite genre, as the boys know.  I’ll concede though, this is finally growing on me a little.  A little.  Only took 300 pages or so before I could say that.  Can’t really say more here, as it would be premature, and besides…I’m sure there will be a review sometime after the 25th of this month.


– Steve Alten

Quick fun read.  A beast far more terrifying than Jaws…the long extinct (or is it?) Megalodon.  Does it trump Benchley’s masterpiece?  Hmmm…no, but a heckuva ride nevertheless.  If you like those pseudo-science types (think Crichton…or David John Watson!) you’ll likely dig this one.  Though there were a couple of creative liberties taken here (one glaring monstrosity especially) I gotta say I loved the the solution for the ascent through the frigid zones.  Enjoyed the hell out of this one.

“How To Make Love Like A Porn Star”

 – Jenna Jameson

Uh…yeah.  Guilty pleasure much?  I was in Chapters a couple days back wandering around with a hot Americano in hand killing time with two of my vices (books and good coffee).  Picked this up on a whim and threw myself on a chair.  After about 20 minutes of skimming and flipping I was hooked and bought it.  Jury is still out (hey, I just started) but I’ll let ya know more as soon as I know more.  Good or bad, it is a freaking interesting read.  This is Jenna Jameson after all.  Not that I’d know who that is or anything.

**A little nervous about the spam this little mention will generate for the site.  Oh well.

Next up…

“Heart Shaped Box”

– Joe Hill

As soon as I start I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  2 Responses to “So…whatcha readin’?”

  1. Gents (and ladies, if you’re out there)…care to share?

  2. Joe Hill’s book (“Heart Shaped Box”) was a helluva good scare read. Some genuine creeps. Takes after his pops and, I’d say, does ‘im proud.

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