Aug 232013

Liquorature Gathering #001 – “The Lion’s Game” (Nelson Demille)

Date:  Feb 2009

Host:  Bauer

Whisky:  Bruichladdich 15 y.o.

Rum:  n/a


This was a helluva kickoff for Liquorature.  Bauer was tasked with hosting duties for the inaugural meeting of our club, as a few of us (Pat, Clint and I) were sort of…displaced and homeless as we awaited completion of our respective new homes.  Pat was unable to make it as the poor soul was suffering in the Mayan Riviera, but the rest of us forged ahead to blaze the trail.  This was before the Ginger Buddha (Scott) became a member of Liquorature.

Bauer’s book selection, though a bruiser at ~950 pages, was relatively easy reading for all.  The pressures of picking a book for the group that would incite discussion, yet still entertain, was substantial.  More so considering we had no precedent against which to build.  The choice was a good’er, as it was a book none too daunting, challenging or serious.  We were able to enjoy a well-paced story and not engage in too much homework.  Topic conversation was about an hour and a half.  Well done, Bauer.

Robert’s initial hesitation about joining the club (the infamous tale of his O level English had yet to surface) was quickly proven unfounded, as the group gelled instantly and the foundations were laid for a fraternity of drunken literary aspirants.  Many of the Liquorature standards were set and defined here.  Only wish we had been bringing a camera along from the inception.  Sigh.

As Lance was driving, and Pat was absent, four of us felt obligated to put down a couple bottles of Bruichladdich.  Well done, gents.  Setting another precedent perhaps?


– Curt