Aug 232013

Liquorature Gathering #035 – “The Gargoyle” (Andrew Davidson)

Date:  December, 2011

Host:  Jay & Leanne (Mixed Club)

Whisky:  n/a

Rum:  n/a


Due to some rather…ummmm…extenuating circumstances, a couple of us opted not to attend this one.  These mixed guys/gals club nights* are sort of an optional thing anyway.  This was the last one that went down.  No need to get into further detail, suffice it to say…never again.

As for event details?  No…f*cking…clue.

*The past couple of Decembers, the Liquorature crew has tagged up with our spouses’ book club for a one-off event.  They picked the best book they’d read during the year….we picked the best one we’d read…we swapped books…then met to argue over whose tastes were better.


– Curt