Aug 232013

Liquorature Gathering #005 – “Catch 22” (Joseph Heller)

Date:  June, 2009

Host:  Pat

Whisky:  Glenlivet Nadurra, Glengoyne 21

Rum:  n/a


Enter the Buddha.  Ginger Buddha, that is.  Liquorature opened its doors to a new member this month.  This was the first gathering to include Scott.

We nearly lit Pat’s home on fire, but that’s to be expected with this group of individuals.  Uh…the wives don’t read any of this, do they?

Pat pulled this one from his “need to read” list, and surprised many in the group.  Though this is one of Lance’s all time least favorite books (he had also read it before), the rest seemed to enjoy it.  The humor won over most, I think.  The story itself…meh…not too shabby.  I gotta give credit for a great ending though.   Topic conversation was about two hours, with much quoting and referring to specific parts that had everyone laughing.

Nice choice of whiskies.  The Glenlivet Nadurra was our first run at a cask strengther.  It is quite a beautiful dram that I had to try again months later (when Pat restocked) to fully appreciate.  Just which Glengoyne we had…not certain.  Maybe Pat can help out with that one.

This was a memorable night with much laughter, and good ambience.  Given the subject matter, that was to be expected.  Clint, to this day, proudly carries the heavyweight zinger award for the verbal bitchslap he gave Robert in one of the all-time greatest insults.


– Curt