Aug 232013

Liquorature Gathering #004 – “Blood Meridian” (Cormac McCarthy)

Date:  May, 2009

Host:  Clint

Whisky:  Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or, Auchentoshen

Rum:  n/a


Okay…where to begin…

This night has gone down in Liquorature lore as a lesson in not missing our monthly meetings.  Only three people made it to this one (Pat, Clint and I).  This was truly unfortunate, as it was arguably the most enjoyable gathering to date.  Put simply, it was the perfect marriage of all the ideals that come together to make Liquorature a reality.  Nice whiskies, fantastic food, a well-written controversial novel, great discussion and brilliant company.

Chef extraordinaire, Ostby, prepared a nice BBQ pork, salsa fresca, cheeses, etc.  After feasting we continued the slow nibble through the eve.  Clint has since found his services in demand for other hosting duties.  Hey…the man runs a mean grill.

Blood Meridian.  Sigh.  An absolute masterpiece, if you ask me.  However there are others here who may have a thought to share on that (ahem…Watson).  Very polarizing book.  Interestingly enough, I think the three of us who held the book in the highest esteem were the three who made it to this meeting.  Extremely deep and interesting conversation rife with speculation regarding all of the metaphysical content in the book.  Much consensus regarding personal opinions of the book as well.

We spun the Earth – Hex album for some droning Western music to truly set the mood, and followed it up with a little Neil Young – Harvest.

One of, if not, the best meeting so far.  Should mention the serious ‘Slash’ bromance that followed book discussion (Pat…you’re such a softie…when it comes to Slash).  Thoroughly enjoyable evening.  Topic conversation about two hours, and came back to it a bunch more through the course of the night.

One last note…

This was the novel which gave Liquorature its ‘godforsook’ adjective to describe those less than appreciated works.


– Curt