Aug 232013

Liquorature Gathering #035 – “The Gargoyle” (Andrew Davidson)

Date:  December, 2011

Host:  Jay & Leanne (Mixed Club)

Whisky:  n/a

Rum:  n/a


Due to some rather…ummmm…extenuating circumstances, a couple of us opted not to attend this one.  These mixed guys/gals club nights* are sort of an optional thing anyway.  This was the last one that went down.  No need to get into further detail, suffice it to say…never again.

As for event details?  No…f*cking…clue.

*The past couple of Decembers, the Liquorature crew has tagged up with our spouses’ book club for a one-off event.  They picked the best book they’d read during the year….we picked the best one we’d read…we swapped books…then met to argue over whose tastes were better.


– Curt


Aug 232013

Liquorature Gathering #031 – “The Gods Themselves” (Isaac Asimov)

Date:  August, 2011

Host:  Jay

Whisky:  Bruichladdich 16s – Pomerol, Amrut Intermediate Sherry, Balblair 2000

Rum:  n/a …absent rummie, so…just a few random partial bottles of cane juice


Jay’s first go-round as host saw the core of the club sadly reduced in numbers, as three of eight had to take a miss for various reasons.  Fortunately Bauer was through town and, in typical Bauer fashion, managed to plow through the book in a day and a bit and join us for an eve of laughter and bad wordplay.  Without spilling too many details, there is a glimmer of hope that the mad-hatter may be wending his way back to Cowtown in a more permanent form in the coming days.  We’ll cross fingers and wait for word.

Jay’s initial idea for beverage layout fell though, though I won’t spill the beans here in case it comes to fruition later, so instead he ventured down to Willow Park for a tete-a-tete with Resident whisky guy, David Michiels.  In the end he came away with a good selection to please the varying palate.  Though the Balblair didn’t sit well with yours truly, a couple others enjoyed it.  Having said that…the ‘Laddie was tasty and the Amrut an overwhelming knockout.  Damn…I love this distillery.

Sadly, Lance was one of the gang unable to attend this eve, so…with no true need for a new rum, Jay hauled out a couple misc rums for anyone needing a dose of sugar, but elected to blow the budget on malts instead.  Aw shucks, right?

On to the tale, cause let’s face it (no matter what the doubters believe), that is the reason we gather each month…

Jay went old school sci-fi on us this time ’round:  Isaac Asimov’s ‘The Gods Themselves’, a book subdivided into three distinct sections that sort of tie together an overarcing tale of triumph (how we get there was lauded by some and scoffed at by others).

This was a hard one for a couple of us to really get behind.  There was an appreciation, but also a tough time actually embracing it.  Sort of a similar situation to that we had with Bellamy’s ‘Looking Backward’ (rotten piece of dogsh*t that it was…grrrrrrrr), where it elicited some good conversation, but the reading for the month was much less than enjoyable.  Interesting to note that different members of the collective found different sections of the book appealing while often holding a hefty disdain for other parts.  One person’s favorite was another’s least favorite.  These kind of discussions are what really make it worth while, as you really see the character of each other.

Many of our (much) better halves have their own book club.  Each December we gather as a mixed crew and each sex gets to assign one of their past selections to the other group.  Tonight we decided that our pick for the ladies this year would be Tom Robbins’ ‘Another Roadside Attraction”.  Not sure if the proponents of this selection (primarily Jay and Clint) simply can’t get enough Tom Robbins, or they just want to knock the socks off the gals with one waaaaaay outside the realm of what they normally tackle.  We’ll see, I suppose.

As the night rolled on and the heat in the room finally won out over the A/C, we ventured out to Jay’s deck to enjoy an amazing evening, all the while proceeding to bang the hell out of the whisky.

Another night of good friends and good chat.  Cheers, all.


The randoms:  “The YMCA…not everyone wants to stay there”…moon poon…sacrilicious!…Splooge-proof the caves… “these were some cold aliens”…”How are you gonna one-up the guy saved reality?” “I’ma get my own band”…Moondingo…The Incredibles: ‘an Objectivist handbook for kids’…It’s not gay if it’s in a three way…Bauer being back for another one…


– Curt

Aug 232013

Liquorature Gathering #011 – “The Time Traveler’s Wife” (Audrey Niffenegger)

Date:  December, 2009

Host:  Clint/Jamie (Mixed Night)

Whisky:  n/a

Rum:  n/a


Some of our significant others (and friends thereof) have a ladies book club.  Robert tossed out the suggestion a while back of doing a book swap with them.  Our favorite for their favorite.  When all rankings were submitted and weighted accordingly, “Perfume” won out as the guys’ highest ranked book.  Should note that the book had to be from our first cycle (ie. everyone’s first time picking a book).  The ladies selected “The Time Traveler’s Wife” for us.  Though many of us approached with trepidition, it was actually not a bad read.  Our meeting was a mix of the guys’ and gals’ clubs, and totalled eleven of us, I believe.  Discussion was divided into two sessions, tackling each book at a turn.  Each session ranged from an hour to an hour and a half.  Good conversation…fun night.  Clint and Jamie were great hosts.  As this was just before Christmas, there was a humorous gift exchange (spoon, Robert?), quizzes, and good food.  We opted for a “bring your own” approach for this one in terms of bevvies.  I broke open a great bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail for the occasion.  Fantastic whisky.  To be honest, there was some concern about how we would manage this whole set-up, but it went over very well.  Maybe an annual Christmas tradition now?


– Curt