Aug 232013

Liquorature Gathering #034 – “The Godfather” (Mario Puzo)

Date:  November, 2011

Host:  Clint

Whisky:  Caol Ila 12 y.o., Caol Ila Distiller’s Edition, Ila 10 y.o. Unpeated

Rum:  ?


About time we got a little gangster on.  A few of us are absolute junkies for the genre, so this choice was bound to come about at some point.  To be honest, however, I assumed it would be Robert who eventually Puzo’d us.  Not so.  I do believe Robert mentioned that he was indeed planning to pick it for us sooner than later.

We arrived to the smells of gloriously rich gourmet pizzas cooking and a counter laid out with a few bottles of Caol Ila, one of my favorite distilleries.  Ummm…ok.  The night was already a win at this point.  For the life of me, though, I can’t recall what the rum was on offer for this one.  When I asked the other lads, they seemed to have the same bit of selective amnesia.  Perhaps we’re all subconsciously blocking out anything to do with the Cane Juice (c’mon, Lance…had to get a dig in, right?).

The pies, as they were pulled from the oven, were scorching hot and utterly delicious.  A roomful of hungry lads, about to dive deep into a few bottles of whisky….hmmm…I wonder why the food didn’t last long.  All joking aside…these were f*cking fantastic pizzas.  Clint never does anything half-assed when it comes to food though, so this should be no surprise to any of us by this point.

Now…forgive my lack of detail here, but the sands have time have not stood still since this eve.  Clint mentioned something along the lines of an ‘Easter Egg’ hidden in the house.  As a few of the more cerebral members of the crew meditated on what this could be, others immediately began circling and searching the place.  It was Scott, moments later, who strode out of the washroom firing a cap gun that had been taped to the rear of the toilet, re-enacting one of the more famous scenes from this Sicilian saga.  Well played, Clint.  And well played, Scott, for having the wherewithal to figure it all out.  Not just a hat rack atop those shoulders, huh?

As to the book itself?  While not a favorite of any of ours at this point (I don’t believe so, anyway), I don’t recall much negativity in regards to anything about this one.  We all loved the story, of course…the writing was decent (if a little mundane, maybe)…the characters, iconic…and it was simply an enjoyable book to pick up.  Pretty much a ‘can’t lose’ sort of book choice.  The discussion on the novel itself was maybe an hour and a half or so, with a few related conversational tentacles taking us out over two hours, I believe.  from there it was simply a night full of good friends, good drinks and good laughs.

All in all, this evening was a home rum.  Well done, Clint.


Randoms:  “The Mangina Monologues” … “Punch in the c*nt” … bacon whisky … Some o’ the best pizza pies in Calgary … Clint’s little Easter egg … “Omerta, b*tches!” … “The bad news is…get the f*ck out!” … Tito Corleone … “Going to the mattresses”


– Curt