Jul 182010

Lads and Lassies,

After a final discussion with our friend, David Michiels, at Willow Park…

The Calgary Whisky Club is finally a reality!

To any who do not know me yet…my name is Curt.  I, along with David, will be spearheading this adventure.

The inaugural meeting of this exclusive little enclave will be on the first Sunday of September, 2010.  This rather informal gathering will be at Willow Park Wines and Spirits in Calgary South.  Details regarding time, agenda and directions will follow in the coming days.

If you are interested, please confirm with me, Curt, at antihero7@hotmail.com in order to ensure a spot.

Membership will be limited to 40 people.  When our maximum is met, we will have a wait list.  Annual dues are yet to be determined.  Your input at the first meeting will help decide many details about this club, including (but not limited to):

  • Member costs
  • Dates and times
  • Format
  • Products
  • What you want to put in/get out of this club

While there will be a nominal fee associated, the benefits will far outweigh anything you put in.  Exposure to many new products, access to industry persons and their knowledge, discounts and exclusive opportunities at products…and most importantly…a social circle of like-minded individuals out to have fun.

To all involved thus far, thanks for your help.  To those I have yet to recruit into supporting roles…uh, sorry…and again…thanks for your help.

To any reps and industry persons…if you are interested in being involved in hosting tastings, providing samples for review or simply sitting in…please do not hesitate to contact me.  Once a month you will have a captive audience of 40 whisky drinkers just itching to sample and purchase your product from Willow Park.

Please hang tight for more information.

Until we meet in September…Slainte!

Mar 052010


I am meeting with David Michiels at Willow Park this evening.  We’ll be chatting about how best to proceed with the Calgary Whisky Club, and in just what sort of incarnation it will happen.  The potential is unlimited and the sky is the limit.  Regardless of how the details play out, this will be a relatively exclusive little club (Maybe 40 people?).  It will fill fast, and I imagine, as I have seen other clubs in other cities, that membership will stay relatively static.  There will most likely be a wait list.  If you have interest in this, please let me know as soon as possible.  We’ll have to see whether or not David and I agree on this, but I would like he and I each to cherry pick a few people to join, then open it up to random membership.  The caveat…you gotta be passionate about whisky!  This isn’t going to be a debate club.  It is going to be a whisky appreciation and connoisseur club (or at least a ‘connoisseur-in-training’ club).

If you were a member of a whisky club in Calgary, what would you hope for in return for your dollar?  Be honest?

Stay tuned for further details following tonight’s meeting…

Feb 082010

I found it somewhat surprising that there do not seem to be any actual ‘whisky clubs’ in Calgary.  You can find them all over.  Members generally pay an annual fee, and gather monthly (similar to what we do) to taste and review a couple of whiskies, share notes, thoughts and experiences…and publish their thoughts.

The Victoria Single Malt Club, for example has a two year wait on membership.  Members often go in together (15, 20, 25 of them) to purchase casks  for bottling.  Of course pricing would be varied, but can you imagine?  Think about 350 bottles per cask.  If 20 people went in on one, you’d be looking at 17-18 bottles of whisky per person.  Pretty nifty.  I wish we had something similar here.

Our Liquorature book club gatherings, and Willow Park tastings suffice, I suppose, however I’d think in a city with this explosive of a population…and with this much money… there would be more…snootery.

Thought a thread on here specifically referencing ‘Calgary’, ‘Books’ and ‘Whisky’ may allow for some region specific hits.

Ralfy’s recent trip through Victoria for the Festival, led to one of his video reviews (vlogs) speaking to what we poor Canadian suckers must endure (over-taxation, delays, unavailablility, high prices, etc) to sip the good stuff.  Neat video.  Nice view of Victoria as well.  Check it on his site.

Thoughts on our libations (both rum and whisky) in this city?  (Availability, knowledgable help, cost, etc)